An Evening With Chekhov (1968)


LIDRA and The Malaysian Arts Theatre Group presents An Evening with Chekhov

LIDRA dan The Malaysian Arts Theatre Group mempersembahkan An Evening with Chekhov


  • Playwright:Anton Chekhov (Translated by Alex Szogyi)
  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:LIDRA and The Malaysian Arts Theatre Group
  • Date:28 – 30 November, 1968
  • Venue:British Council Centre
  • Language:English
  • Director:Donald Davies
  • Property Master:Jean Watson
  • Principal Cast:

    The Wedding |
    Edward Dorall as Yevdokim Zaharovich Zhigalov
    Betty Pelzer as Natasya Timofeyevna
    Mary Ann Lawrence as Dashenka
    Jolly Koh as Epaminond Maximovih Aplombov
    Peter Lawson as Fyodor Yaklovlevich Revunov-Karaulov
    Cheong CHoong kong as Andrey Andreyavich Nunin
    Joan Canty as Anna Martinovna Zmeyukina
    James Hughson as Ivan Mihailovich Yat
    J. Jegathesan as Harlampi Spiridonovich Dimba
    David Lazarus as Dmitri Stepanovich Mozgovoy
    Rick Scully as Waiter

  • Stage Manager:Frank Wardrop
  • Other Information:

    According to the programme, this presentation consists of single acts from Anton Chekhov plays, including: The Reluctant Tragedian, The Wedding, Swan Song and On The Highroad