Annie Get Your Gun (1967)


The Liberal Arts Society presents Annie Get Your Gun

The Liberal Arts Society mempersembahkan Annie Get Your Gun


  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:The Liberal Arts Society
  • Date:19 – 29 July, 1967
  • Venue:The Town Hall, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:English
  • Director:George Thurman
  • Musical Director:Lillian Yap
  • Lighting Designer:David Yarwood and George Nicklin
  • Set Designer:Donald Davies
  • Costume Designer:Pierrette Corsane
  • Property Master:Winifred Edema
  • Make-up Artist:David Burton
  • Principal Cast:

    Margo Lee as Annie Oakley
    Ong Ching Yin as Little Jake
    Dorothy Lim as Nellie
    Cheng Bing Ying as Jessie
    Virginia Bunting as Minnie
    David Williams as Col. WM F. Cody
    Gerrie Teague as Mrs. Little Horse
    Rosemary Chin as Mrs. Black Tooth
    Jayakumar Sekhar as Little Boy
    Bill Hopkins as Charlie Davenport
    Margaret Soh as Little Girl
    Charles Loke as Yellow Foot
    Peter Gentry as Iron Tail
    Tengku Hassan as Cowboy
    Phil Williams as Mac
    Jolly Koh as Foster Wilson
    Patrick Vanderslott as Coolie
    Marilyn Ford as Dolly Tate
    Robert McPhee as Frank Butler
    Pauline Lamb, Gitti Nicklin, Rosemary Chin, Gerrie Teague, Sheila Soh, Anna Ruszkowska as Singer Girls
    Earl Theroux as Conductor
    Lee Huai Wan, Leow Chai Fah,  Lim Cheng Tar, Kam Thean Ewe, Andy Chan, Cheah Sin Huat as Singing Waiters
    John Kendall as Ring Master
    Michael Lamb as Major Gordon Lillie, Pawnee Bill
    J. Jegathesen as Chief Sitting Bull
    Pauline Lamb as Louise
    Rosemary Chin as Nancy
    Gitti Nicklin as Mabel
    Earl Theorux as Freddie
    Peter Gentry as Timothy
    Charles Loke as Clyde
    John Kendall as The Wild Horse, Ceremonial Dancer
    Andy Chan as Medicine Man
    Peter Gentry as Pawnee’s Messenger
    John Ford  as Major Domo
    Peter Gentry as 1st Waiter
    Jolly Koh as 2nd Waiter
    Earl Theroux as Mr. Schuyler Adam
    Gerrie Teague as Mrs. Schuyler Adam
    Charles Loke as Dr Percy Fergusen
    Rosemary Chin as Mrs. Schulyer Adams
    John Kendall as Mr. Thomas Luther Cody Keeler
    Sheila Soh, Anna Ruszkowska as Debutantes
    Lim Cheng Tat as Mr. Ernest Henderson
    Gitti Nicklin as Mrs. Ernest Henderson
    Pauline Lamb as Sylvia Potter-Porter
    John Kendall as Ice Cream Man

  • Stage Manager:Jim Chapman
  • Publicist:Sheila Ong
  • Additional Notes:

    Sound: Brian Griffin
    Business Managers: Vincent Yong, Andrew Chin