Mother Goose (1965)


M.A.T.G presents Mother Goose

M.A.T.G mempersembahkan Mother Goose


  • Original Local Script:No
  • Company Name:M.A.T.G.
  • Date:1965
  • Venue:Town Hall, Kuala Lumpur
  • Language:English
  • Choreographer:Joy Yorke, Signe Syme
  • Musical Director:Leslie Atkinson
  • Lighting Designer:G. Fryer and David J. Burton
  • Set Designer:Howard Ashley
  • Costume Designer:Pierrette Corsane
  • Property Master:Joan Baddeley and Mrs. Barney
  • Make-up Artist:C. Ellam, M. Love, C. Henderson
  • Principal Cast:

    Tony Barney as Sam
    Patricia Smart as Susie
    Patricia Wood as Jill
    Patricia Swift as Peter
    Tony Stockwell as Mother Goose
    Eric Ellam as Jack
    Erica Bridgman as Betty
    Lucia Anderson as Ermyntrude
    Stewart Murry as Sir Jasper
    Alan Ashley as Bill
    Lim Beng Choon as Bert
    Helena Stockwell as Fairy Sunbeam
    Yap Mook Fui as Demon King
    Denis Sanderson as Chamberlain
    Oliver Baudert as King Gander
    Joan Canty as Queen Karin
    John Canty as Flunkey
    Timothy, Jeremy Canty as Page Boys
    Wilma Knight as Sgt. Gregory

  • Ensemble:

    Chorus: Jean Towers, Anna Edema, Margaret Stevenson, Grace Law, Christina Robb, Margaret Tong, Sandra Gay-French, June Jansz, Rosemary Lind, Lindy Shaw, Dorothy Sargent, Margaret Sanderson, Nora Samat, Jean Albuqueruqe, Ann Shallow, Wilma Knight

  • Producer:Joy Forke
  • Stage Manager:Rodrick Lane