King Henry The Fifth (1952)


The Arts Theatre Group of the British Council presents King Henry the Fifth

The Arts Theatre Group of the British Council mempersembahkan King Henry the Fifth


  • Playwright:William Shakespeare
  • Company Name:The Arts Theatre Group of the British Council
  • Date:19 – 22 November, 1952
  • Venue:Selangor Badminton Association Hall
  • Language:English
  • Director:James Bush
  • Lighting Designer:Ray Wigg
  • Set Designer:David Lyttle
  • Costume Designer:David Lyttle
  • Property Master:S. Theophilus, M.Khan
  • Make-up Artist:Anthony Coventry, Merle Hannigan
  • Stage Crew:Low Chi Tho, Mohamed Ali, A. Anthony, Lim Kim Seng, Wong Tuck Peng
  • Principal Cast:

    Geoffrey Weeks as King Henry The Fifth
    Juliet Purnell as Princess Katherine
    Yong Pung How as The Dauphin of France
    Geoffrey Fricker  as Ancient Pistol
    L.A. Rajaratnam as The Archbishop
    Alun’ Roberts as Fluellen
    Tony Beamish as Chorus
    Lloyd C. Jayatilaka as Bishop of Ely
    Tungku Mohamed as Duke of Gloucester
    Syed Alwi as Duke of Bedford
    Frank Fathers as Duke of Exeter
    Donald Urquhart as Duke of York
    Duncan Jackson as Earl of Westmorland
    Saran Singh as Earl of Salisbury
    Luke Ang as Earl of Warwick
    Rolan Evans as Ambassador to the King of England
    Charles Potter as Bardolph
    John McCumisky as Nym
    Margaret Elwin as Hostess
    Yong Wing Wah as Boy
    Richard Gray as Charles VI
    Claud Doral as The Constable of France
    Rolan Evans as Duke of Orleans
    Edward Marsh as Rambures
    Raja Mahmood as Messenger
    Bill Urquhart as  Grower
    Tai Li Leck as Macmorris
    Donald Ure as Jamy
    Lloyd. C. Jayatilaka as Governor of  Harfluer
    Margaret Birnie as Alice
    Ahmad Nordin as Montjoy
    Khoo Teng Bin as English Harald
    Lloyd. C. Jayatilaka as Sir Thomas Erpingham
    David Ingledow as Williams
    L.A. Rajaratnam as Bates
    Robert Hills as Court
    Henk Hesselink as A French Soldier
    Chorus as Duke Burgundy

  • Ensemble:

    Ladies of French Court:
    Bess Blagden, Christine Nasee, Ruby Muttu, Margaret Lucas, Brenda de Silva