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Wei-Ling Gallery

Abdul Multhalib Musa: Travelling with Moving

By Eva McGovern Stillness. Stasis. Movement. Action. Sitting in traffic on the way to Wei Ling Gallery to see Abdul Multhalib Musa’s recent solo show Twist, I didn’t have a book, newspaper, I-pod or other useful strategy to pass the time en route. I glanced at my taxi driver who was reading an article on […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • July 18, 2008

Big Art and Little People

By Rachel Jenagaratnam Some confessions ought to start this piece off nicely: First, when asked to review Multhalib Musa’s recent exhibition at Wei-Ling Gallery, I had absolutely no idea who the artist was. The exhibition’s Chubby Checkeresque title, Twist, suggested milkshakes and black-and-white linoleum flooring, but these American dreams came to a halt when I […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • July 17, 2008

Rise From The Ruins

By John McCarry It was a lovely evening (17 Sep 2005) in Kuala Lumpur – a bit steamy, but it was the kind of steaminess that only added to my sense of anticipation. It was my first trip to Malaysia, and I am embarrassed to admit that my knowledge of Malaysian life up to that […]

  • Azwan Ismail
    Azwan Ismail
  • October 19, 2005