Quiet Please

By Bernice Chauly One of the most intriguing guests at the 2nd Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival, held between March 28th to April 1st, 2007, was the Czech writer Eda Kriseova. We clung to her every word. Born in 1940, the daughter of an architect and a sculptress, Eda studied journalism at Prague’s Charles University […]

The Merlion Spouts

By Jerome Kugan Recently, I attended the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) as an invited writer. Objectivity is very much suspect when one writes about something of which one was a part so you shall not find that here. Asia Truly Exotic In Malaysia, publishers, writers and readers of fictional works are, at best, fictitious. Whether […]

Bombs and Books

By Lucy Friedland The program for the first Ubud Writers and Readers Festival from October 11-17 seemed overly ambitious. The web site was touting Australian-Balinese healing for the first day, ‘How to Write a Novel in 20 Minutes’ for the second day, and activist strategies for Indonesia’s AIDS epidemic by Day 7. In between, the […]

Identity: A Cautionary Tale

By Zedeck Siew “Lorna Tee is handling my fee,” I told the good people at Silverfish Books. Lorna was one of the festival organisers, and knew two facts: I couldn’t afford the 300 ringgit on my own, and Kakiseni is paying a hundred ringgit less than that for this article. So I attended the Citigroup […]

The Old Men and The Scene

By Kathy Rowland Of late Kuala Lumpur, bearing the battle scars of an economic downturn, and the promise of a moderate return to prosperity, seems to be exploring a more sophisticated road to cosmopolitanism and international desirability ­– one hinged upon the believe that a city is known as much for its culture as it […]