Hans Issac’s “Cuci”

By Benjamin McKay The directorial debut by leading actor Hans Isaac is more impressive than I had anticipated. For all of its syrupy Malaysia Boleh sentiments, “Cuci” is in fact a fairly well constructed entertainment. One of the pleasures of the film is that it takes the tired cliché of the ubiquitous KL skyline establishing […]

Double Afdlin Burger

By Ruhayat X Don’t say I never do anything for you, ducklings. Sebagai khidmat sosial dari aku, here’s a quick and simple test to see if these two movies – Afdlin Shauki’s double whammy Buli Balik and Baik Punya Cilok – are must-see events untuk dipenselkan dalam kalendar kau: Katak. Well? Adakah sepatah perkataan tu […]

Jit vs Afdlin

By Jit Murad & Afdlin Shauki Jit Murad: There’s a knife in my back Here’s another important Message to the World. Dramalab has decided to restage Jit Happens, my one-man show. Jit Happens Again or something. More of the same, certainly, but such sterling sameness. But still, why do another run of Jit Happens if […]

Irish Extras For Hire

By Elaine Tan In between writing articles for Astro Magazine and posing with the Dutch Lady fibreglass Friesian cows at Section 14, PJ, the Irish Ambassador found himself submitting to a lunch with me. It wasn’t a light lunch. We were dissecting that tricky word ‘culture’. “During my childhood,” Dan Mulhall says, “Irish culture meant […]

Be Grateful!

By Sonia Randhawa While the role of tragedy could be seen as investing the sublime with a human face, the role of comedy, particularly stand-up comedy, is much closer to home. The comic holds up a mirror in which we recognise ourselves. Including the worst aspects of ourselves – the racial stereotyping, the passive acceptance […]

Ah, Sweet Nostalgia!

By Antares Some things you never forget. Like learning to French-kiss and finding yourself on Cloud Nine with a sore tongue and simply adoring the sensation. At 15 I was in the habit of “borrowing” my dad’s car and going to parties where some of the couples danced joined at the loins through the night. […]

Charley’s Auntie Rides Again

By Jenny Daneels Charley’s Auntie! is being restaged after last year’s raging success. Have Gardner & Wife found a new recipe for filling theatre houses? “We appeal to people who never went to the theatre before,” says theatre director Richard Gardner. This alone says a lot about both Gardner & Wife’s success, and their mixed […]

FERTILE GROUND – Antares undergoes MenAPause

By Antares Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah discovered each other through the legendary Instant Café Theatre, of which both were early members. The mirth-provoking chemistry between them is reminiscent of classic comedy double acts like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Belushi and Akroyd, Cheech and Chong. What’s more, both happen to also be accomplished […]