Dancing Alone (2019)


A Choreographic Platform for Solo Choreography

Info Produksi:

  • Tarikh:23 March 2019
  • Jumlah Pementasan:1
  • Tempat Pementasan:Now Theatre
  • Negeri:Kuala Lumpur

Item Tarian Individu

Item #1

  • Tajuk:Planet or plastic?
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    If everyone could make a big contribution to environmental protection, our home will become much more beautiful. Have you stopped using plastic bags?


  • Koreografer:Lim Hwang King
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Lim Hwang King
  • Komposer:Kevin Macleod

Item #2

  • Tajuk:Probe
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    when the eyes are out of place


  • Koreografer:Silver Yee
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Silver Yee
  • Komposer:Craig Armstrong

Item #3

  • Tajuk:Flaws
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    is not just a scratch


  • Koreografer:Joise Goh Jou Zhi
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Joise Goh Jou Zhi
  • Komposer:Zoë Keating

Item #4

  • Tajuk:It Sticks
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    It sticks and revisits to unnerve you. It hides well enough you won’t notice it. It sticks and it will not give up so easily.


  • Koreografer:Tan Bee Hung
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Tan Bee Hung
  • Komposer:Alva Noto

Item #5

  • Tajuk:Anak Angkat
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Sama ataupun sebaliknya?


  • Koreografer:Mohd Nuriqram
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Syamil bin Norzalahuddin

Item #6

  • Tajuk:Finite Dry
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Traditionally, a good husband is seen as the head of the household and is expected to be the “breadwinner”, a role that is still maintained in some cultures. In an everchanging world, values and beliefs are constantly in flux. Who’s to say that a good husband must adhere to what is expected of them?


  • Koreografer:Muhamad Zakwan Hafizie bin Zakaria
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Muhamad Zakwan Hafizie bin Zakaria
  • Komposer:Ed Sheeran

Item #7

  • Tajuk:Up To You
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by…


  • Koreografer:Pengiran Khairul Qayyum
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Pengiran Khairul Qayyum
  • Komposer:Lucifers Waltz

Item #8

  • Tajuk:untitled
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    The choreographer explore about how movements could affect her feeling while dancing


  • Koreografer:Winnie Tay Yi Xuan
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Winnie Tay Yi Xuan
  • Komposer:Matt Kidd

Item #9

  • Tajuk:Oh! Nanny!
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    “He doesn’t want to go to sleep… He wants to go on adventures”


  • Koreografer:Ealbie Breandent Abinus
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Ealbie Breandent Abinus
  • Komposer:Suzevi


  • Penerbit:Faillul Adam, Wong Jyh Shyong
  • Nota Tambahan:

    Mentors: Faillul Adam, Wong Jyh Shyong

    MyDance Interns: Lee Bee Hui, Wong Yieng Zhu