There Is Speficifisfety (2018)


Picking up from where they left off in their 2017 performance, Where’s The Speficifisfety?, Malaysian dance artist Lee Ren Xin, and Singaporean dance artist Lee Mun Wai encounter each other again.

Approaching their work from the angles of affect, relationality, fielding and modulation, Ren Xin and Mun Wai bring no pre-determined themes to the performance space prior to their encounter. Instead they allow their bodies to encounter each other, understanding that each body is already loaded with prior context and history; that each body is already a vessel of immanence.

The work acknowledges and attempts to take a closer look at the multiple and layered nature of these speficifisfetys – the very things that are produced in real time by the bodily encounter; an encounter that will only know what it is about when the encounter happens.

Where 2017’s performance was a search for an elusive speficifisfety, then 2018’s There Is Speficifisfety will be an affirmation of its presence; a celebration of all the interstitial and in-between spaces arising from the encounter between the two bodies.


  • Koreografer / Choreographer:Lee Ren Xin, Lee Mun Wai
  • Tarikh / Date:28-30 September 2018
  • Jumlah Pementasan / Total Showing:3
  • Tempat Pementasan / Venue:Five Arts Centre
  • Negeri / StateKuala Lumpur
  • Penari / DancersLee Ren Xin, Lee Mun Wai
  • Lain-lain Pereka / Additional Designer:Videographer: Jai Rafferty
  • Other Information: