D’Motion International Dance Festival: Programme B-Asians Festival Exchange (2015)


Featuring collaborative choreography of a striking new wave of Asian artists from Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia that is hosted by Malaysia’s DPAC and Singapore’s M1 CONTACT Festival.

Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:DPAC Company
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Wong Jyh Shyong
  • Date:18-19 Dec 2015
  • Total Showing:2
  • Venue:DPAC Black Box
  • State:Selangor

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:– – : – –
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Eventually, almost all things come to an end. Like the gift of the morning disappears as the sun sets, and the fear that I might not see it again eventually make me smile.

    When the circle ends and my scent returns, may it be richer than that of any flower.

    You and I may no longer be here but our scents will remain relentlessly like an endless rain.

  • Choreographer:Goh Shou Yi (Singapore), Kim Hwan Hee (Korea)
  • Group:

    T.H.E. Second Company & Seoul Dance Collection

  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Goh Shou Yi, Kim Hwan Hee, Jackie Ong Jin Jie (Singapore)
  • Composer:Lasail, Franz Schubert, Nat King Cole, Pjusk, Dmitri Shostakovitch, edited by Kim Hwan Hee
  • Other Information:

    Choreographer assistant: Shin Won Min (Korean dancer in SPAF 2015 Premiere)

Item #2

  • Title:Disco-Teca
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    At the social environment outside of the disco, I’m starting to wonder who I am, where am I from, where will I go… However, in the disco, they can forget their identities, positions or even gender, and back to human purely needs on movements and sounds. Perhaps in the strong beats of disco music, the existence of “self” could be expressed through the pure movements and sounds.

  • Choreographer:Er Gao (China)
  • Group:

    DPAC Dance Company & Ergao Dance Production Group

  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Hanna Tan Qiao Han, Kyson Teo Khai Shen, Lim Jie Jing, Lim Pei Ern, Melody Tee Kai Le, Rachel Chew Zi Xin, Yan Ni (China)
  • Composer:Liang Yi Yuan (China)
  • Other Information:

    Original lighting design: Tan Eng Heng

Item #3

  • Title:The Game
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The characteristics of the game itself have no reasoning and no reason whatsoever. The game is the innate reason and the game is starting.

  • Choreographer:Amy Len (Malaysia), Naoto Katori (Japan)
  • Group:

    D’Motion Festival 2015 & Yokohama Dance Collection

  • Category:Contemporary
  • Dancers:Naoto Katori, Wong Jyh Shyong (Malaysia)
  • Composer:Terence Chong (Malaysia)
  • Other Information:

    Original lighting design: Tan Eng Heng (Malaysia)


  • Production Crew:Khor Hooi Shan, Kong Siew Yien, Tan Jik Yang
  • Producer:Hoh May Yee
  • Publicist:Maggie Ong
  • Additional Notes:
    Technical Director: Tan Eng Heng
    Technical Manager: Lee Ming Kiat
    Technical Assistants: Chan Yi Jing, Timothy Lau
    Graphic Designer: Jimme Chye