For Our Parents (2013)


Choreographed by Jack Kek, <For Our Parents> is based on the genre of dance theatre, describing our parents in 70’s when they met and fell in love to each other. At that time, encountering each other and declaring a commitment was a natural process. After married, life was was about dealing with daily necessities, but instead of hard time, through out the years it only make them believing in each other even more and always with their hands held together.

Time flows day by day, and a day always ends with sunset. Like a sunset, life is short and rushed, yet we will never lose hope for tomorrow.

This is a story of dancer’s parents in their youth.


  • Nama Kumpulan Tarian / Dance Company Name:Magic Bean Dance & Body Skills Studio
  • Koreografer / Choreographer:Jack Kek
  • Tarikh / Date:5-7 July 2013
  • Jumlah Pementasan / Total Showing:3
  • Tempat Pementasan / Venue:DPAC
  • Negeri / StateSelangor
  • Harga Tiket / Ticket Prices:RM 48 , RM 38 (students, seniors citizens and the disabled)
  • Penari / DancersJack Kek, Steve Goh, Louise Yow, Huang Chiung Tai, Syafizal-Syazlee, Carol Yap, Japheth Lim, Dominic Teo, Fione Chia, Koh Jing Ying, Silver Yee
  • Pereka Set / Set Designer:Forrest Wong
  • Pereka Kostum / Costume Designer:Berg Lee
  • Pemain Muzik / Musicians:Brace Soon (Violin), Will David (Vocals)
  • Lain-lain Pereka / Additional Designer:Graphic Designer: Terence Lim, Arson Ong
  • Lain-lain Pakar Kreatif / Additional Creative InputVideo Art: Arson Ong
  • Pengurus Pentas / Stage Manager:Jaslyn Niow
  • Kru Produksi / Production Crew

    Backstage: Forrest Wong

  • Publicist:Japheth Lim