3 Layers Tea (2012)


3 choreographers with different cultural backgrounds, different styles and thoughts; bringing us an entirely different understanding and synergy

Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Amy Len
  • Date:29 June – 1 July 2012
  • Total Showing:3
  • Venue:Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
  • State:Kuala Lumpur

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Perempuan Pandai Sendiri
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The piece is based on the biography of the kind and respected Sultan Alauddin who once ruled the land of Malacca a long time ago. The queen, Tun Senaja, betrayed Sultan Alauddin, forming an unholy alliance with Raja Ahmad to take over the empire. She went to Sultan Alauddin while he was in mourning, and poisoned him through the food which he ate immediately after breaking fast in the month of Ramadhan. It is a painful and bitter sight to see someone being betrayed, especially by someone so close, but the strongest message of this show is very clear: the ones whom we love are our greatest weakness.

  • Choreographer:A. Aris A. Kadir
  • Dancers:Lee Choy Wan, Tang Qi Dong
  • Composer:Tengku Zainuddin Tengku Dalam

Item #2

  • Title:Parallel
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Looking at my reflection, like an echo, I see myself. Deep from within beyond the image in the glass, in order to see, I shut my eyes.

  • Choreographer:Judimar Hernandez
  • Dancers:Samantha Chong, Mak Foong Ming, Tan Bee Hung, Foong Siew Ching, Tan Yen Ling, Carmen Wong, Lim Hwang King
  • Composer:Tengku Zainuddin Tengku Dalam

Item #3

  • Title:Out and About
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Our journey of life is not judges by its length, but by our life experiences.


  • Choreographer:Albert Tiong
  • Dancers:Lee Choy Wan, Samantha Chong, Mak Foong Ming, Tan Bee Hung, Foong Siew Ching, Passion Ma, Tan Yen Ling, Tang Qi Dong
  • Composer:Tengku Zainuddin Tengku Dalam
  • Other Information:

    Eve Yap

    Music Editor: Goh Lee Kwang


  • Lighting Designer:Ee Chee Wei
  • Producer:Samantha Chong, Tan Bee Hung Assistant : Yap Hwui Yuen
  • Stage Manager:Jaslyn Niow Yi Leen
  • Additional Notes:
    Graphic Designer: Vicky Lee