Triple Bill (2010)


A triple bill showcase of three different interpretations of Butoh.

[This production shared a program book with The Lost Testimony of Rashomon (2010) as part of the Nyoba Kan Buto Fest 2010.]

Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Nyoba Kan
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Lee Swee Keong
  • Date:13-14 August 2010
  • Total Showing:2
  • Venue:PJLA Theatre, Jaya One
  • State:Selangor

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Green Snake
  • Category:Butoh
  • Dancers:Lee Swee Keong
  • Composer:Goh Lee Kwang

Item #2

  • Title:The Strange Remark
  • Category:Butoh
  • Dancers:Vinci Mok Wing See, Tomas Tse Kar Ho, Hofan Chau, Grad Leung Wai Kit
  • Composer:Goh Lee Kwang

Item #3

  • Title:Venezhvela, The Mother Rain Forest is Alive
  • Category:Butoh
  • Dancers:Joao Roberto de Souza
  • Composer:Goh Lee Kwang


  • Lighting Designer:Tan Eng Heng
  • Production Manager:Kiea Kuan Nam
  • Stage Manager:Emily Cheong Zhi Xin
  • Additional Notes:
    Graphic Designer: Lam Pei Chuen (flyer), Vincent Yeong (programme note), Lee Swee Keong (overall concept)

    Video Art Designer: Au Sow Yee, Alison K

    Text in video: Hoe Kai Yew

    Communication Manager: Yeow Lai Chee

    Technical and  Stage Managing Director: Tan Eng Heng