On Anxiety (2010)


The keyboard and phone line are extensions of our lusts. Pen and papers give birth to secrets. In this office, everything becomes so extraordinarily empty even words fail. And without words and symbols, our imagination dies. In the mean time, a new game is being played, a game of metaphors. Perhaps no one can escape this path except through the magic of imagination.


  • Nama Kumpulan Tarian / Dance Company Name:Kwang Tung Dance Company
  • Koreografer / Choreographer:Amy Len
  • Pengarah Pengarah / Artistic Director:Amy Len
  • Tarikh / Date:2-4 July 2010
  • Jumlah Pementasan / Total Showing:5
  • Tempat Pementasan / Venue:Pentas 2, KLPAC
  • Negeri / StateKuala Lumpur
  • Harga Tiket / Ticket Prices:RM 43 , RM 33 (students, senior citizen and the disabled)
  • Penari / DancersLee Choy Wan, Samantha Chong, Mak Foong Ming, Kathyn Tan, Chin Kah Voon, Tan Been Hung, Foong Siew Ching, Ma Hui Shan, Ng Mei Wei, Zen Leow, Tang Qi Dong
  • Komposer / Composer:John Siew
  • Pereka Tatacahaya / Lighting Designer:Tan Eng Heng
  • Lain-lain Pakar Kreatif / Additional Creative InputDirector: James Lee
  • Pengurus Pentas / Stage Manager:Tay Chin Fie
  • Other Information:

    Advisors: Soo Wing Fong, Chong Soon Fatt, Soo Lai Yong, Kenny Low, Ming Low