Ma Hua Dance Show 马华舞展89 (1989)


Travelling through time, capturing the truth, goodness and beauty of all ages.


Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:MCA Melaka Dance Troupe
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Steven Koh
  • Date:7 – 8 December 1989
  • Total Showing:2; NB: A total of 9 individual pieces were performed.

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Chang Sheng Dian 长生殿
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Sound of Hu drum shocks the sky and An Lu Shan invaded the Central Plains with his troops. In the Hall of Longevity, singing and dancing still remain, not realizing the country is in danger. Love of Qi Xi and tenderness of bathing substituted by drunken anger and broken strings. Is the rain coming? Or it’s dying flash of lucidity! With the sound of the drum, the troops were not send out, three-foot red silk was given and drew hatred.


  • Choreographer:Chong Yoon Keong 钟永强
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Composer:Music:八音合鸣、迎神

Item #2

  • Title:Fang Yuan Jiao 方圆角
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Square and square, square and stable, if you find it stereotyped and boring, cut off the four corners to make a circle. The ring is round and smooth, and the reversal is the norm. If it is too normal, cut off the three sides of the circle and it will become a coke. There are edges and corners, and the personality is bright. The corners can show color and are easy to collapse. If you think it is strong, cut off the triangle to form a square. The square is square, round and smooth, and the angled edges are combined with the adult’s sophistication.


  • Choreographer:Khor Ling Kwang 许龙光
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, contemporary dance creation
  • Composer:谭盾。Music: 钢琴协奏曲

Item #3

  • Title:Shi Chai 拾钗
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Picking up hairpins is a kind of fate. The encounter of beautiful people picking up hairpins on street creates a wonderful and obsessive romance, the fate of purple hairpin.

    Huo Xiao Yu: The illegitimate daughter of King of Luo Yin. After the death of her father, she lost her chances with her mother and became poor. She was born with a high sentimental attitude and interested in poetry talents, and did not climb the nobles.

    Li Yi: A talented man in Long Xi, suave and romantic. Once boiled wine with Bao Si Niang and talked about Chang An romance, took advantage of the Lantern Festival to visit the lantern market, spent great time on street.
    Huan Sha: Maid of Xiao Yu, is smart, considerate and loyal to her mistress.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, dance drama
  • Dancers:Huo Xiao Yu 霍小玉:黄时华 Li Yi 李益:吴光平 Huan Sha 浣纱:何淑冰
  • Other Information:

    Musician of 甲精武体育会中乐科:

    Movement coach 身段指导:柯荣添 Steven Koh
    Singing director 歌唱指导:陈翠仪
    Subtitles 字幕:李德裕、陈会池
    Makeup 化妆:叶亚才
    Costume production 服装制作:何淑冰、简润莲

Item #4

  • Title:Niao Yu 鸟语
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The birds singing while flying in the forest are a reflection of peace and harmony.


  • Choreographer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, peacock dance

Item #5

  • Title:Er Shi De Xiang Jian 儿时的乡间
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The family is busy working in the paddy fields. The preparation of wedding tools is in full swing. The rural rain has not only fertilized the paddy fields but also created a romantic atmosphere for the young people in the village. The New Year atmosphere is very lively and very meaningful to the rural community.


  • Choreographer:Chong Yoon Keong 钟永强
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Composer:关圣佑。Music:祭神。

Item #6

  • Title:Deng Rui 灯蕊
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    In the wild, there is an old hut; in the world, there is one person. The quiet and desolate night was accompanied only by a faithful light.


  • Choreographer:Chong Yoon Keong 钟永强
  • Category:[Hua Zu Wu], contemporary dance creation
  • Composer:何占豪。Music: 莫愁女幻想曲.

Item #7

  • Title:Ma Che Fu Zhi Lian 马车夫之恋
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    From fertile to dusk, horse -drawn carriage pullers keep striving for a life and a never -ending task. With a persistent and fiery spirit, he continued to go through the twists and turns of life in addition to giving birth to the contents of his pure soul.


  • Choreographer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Composer:李泰祥。Music: 马车夫之恋.

Item #8

  • Title:You You 悠游
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Like clouds, water and fish if there are no horizontal barriers it remains free and swims into the vast ocean.


  • Choreographer:Chong Yoon Keong 钟永强
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Composer:Music: 湖边的孔雀、节目的傣寨。

Item #9

  • Title:Qi Qing Zhi — Nu 七情之 —— 怒
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Like a lotus that is sludge but not stained, Du Shi Niang is in the romance field of Beijing, with disdain for wealth, famous by her admiration on talents. Encountering Li Jia, thinking that she would have a life-long trust, and even redeemed herself for good, Li Jia half-heartedly transferred her to the salt merchant Sun Fu for a thousand of silver. Shi Niang was heartbroken! Grabbed her priceless chest – savings that earned by the handbook with blood and tears-a treasure, jumped into river with anger.


  • Choreographer:Chong Yoon Keong 钟永强
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Composer:刘永、张晓峰。Music:叙事曲《琵琶行》。


  • Lighting Designer:何家雄、黄文炳
  • Set Designer:张永福,李福明
  • Production Crew:Props 道具设计:李华明; Costume 服装制作组:何淑冰、简润莲; Sound 音响主任:陈振成; Backstage 后台工作组:林善初、陈育鸿、黄康糠、王泰立; Helpers:蔡严庆、张子健、黄种钦、房德炎、郑松然、李新花、黄日红、魏童妞、黄秋兰、林素雯、廖桂芳
  • Executive Producer:[Executive Chairman] 筹委会主席:江雪霞
  • Producer:[Chairman] 大会主席:拿督郭伟杰。副主席:黄炳火、拿督颜文龙、拿督颜亨赐、陈干韬、余今地、傅潤添、佘贵中、林斯江
  • Production Manager:[Planning Director] 策划主任:何仁德
  • Stage Manager:张永福、李福明
  • Publicist:戴建东
  • Additional Notes:

    钟永强 Chong Yoon Keong、蔡严庆 Chua Giam Kheng、王金莲 Ong Kim Lian、吴瑞英 Goh Swee Eng、魏童妞 Ngwe Tong New、李新花 Lee Sin Wah、黄种钦 Ng Chong Kim、黄日红 Ng Zie Hong、邓美钟、黄显婷、郑松然、张美洲、冯增銮、黄秋兰 Ng Chiew Lan、房德炎、李华明、林秀红、林素雯、熊丽丽、许龙光 Khor Ling Kwang、张子健 Chong Chee Kian、柯荣添 Steven Koh。