Ke Mana Sang Kancil (1988)


“Ke Mana Sang Kancil” presents a story that applies throughout the world. It is the story of the relationship between humanity, wild animals and wild places. It is the story about human need and human greed on a small and threatened Planet Earth. But ultimately it is a story of hope in the recognition that through a change in human attitudes nature and humanity can prosper side by side.

“Ke Mana Sang Kancil” is a story told through the extraordinary journey of Sang Kancil the mousedeer – the smallest of the hoofed animals whose home is in the forests of South East Aisa. Sang Kancil is the subject of many Malaysian legends where it is portrayed as being wise and intelligent.

The story begins in the forest where Sang Kancil lives in harmony with the trees and is playing with her friends the peacock, monkey and butterfly, in the warm afternoon sun. But the forces of destruction, in the form of Anti Nature and the loggers, enter the forest, and the mousedeer’s nature habitat is destroyed forever. Frightened, Sang Kancil runs off into the night, seeking a new home.

First she travels to the East Coast beaches and meets the giant leathery turtle as it prepares to lay its eggs. Again the forces of Anti-Nature intervene, as poor people take the turtles eggs for food, and clamouring tourists show scant respect for the turtle’s humble existence.

Sang Kancil’s journey then leads her to the mangrove swamp. Here she struggles in the sticky mud, and is taunted by cheeky crabs. But the crabs are also in danger. Yellow earth is dumped, turning the mangrove swamp into barren dry land, and the forces of Anti Nature are triumphant once again.

Then Sang Kancil meets the crow, who proudly leads her to the hub of progress – the city. The shy mousedeer is drawn into the frenetic nightlife of The Shopping Complex Heros. Again Anti-Nature appears and a celebration ensues. But the city life is no place for a mousedeer and an exhausted Sang Kancil flees the decay of urban refuse and pollution.

Rushing from the city Sang Kancil meets the wily and cunning spider who has adapted to the changing environment. A tiger appears and threatens Sang Kancil. However the mighty tiger itself falls prey to poachers and is carried off by the forces of Anti-Nature.

Sang Kancil seeks refuge in a cave with the bats. Although she is welcome here, the dark and subterranean habitat is no place for a mousedeer and she travels on.

Weary and dispirited, Sang Kancil journeys on, and stumbles upon a beautiful but threatened forest, a habitat just like the home she had lost. Happiness is short lived, however as the forces of Anti-Nature gather and threaten their new home. The mousedeer joins the other wildlife in a battle with Anti-Nature’s forces. The Shopping Complex Heros and Tourists, on a forest picnic, look on and cheer, reveling in the violence; but one by one they are drawn in to support the animals. Eventually the aggressors are overcome, Anti-Nature is banished in disgrace and the forest dwellers are re-united in harmony.


Scene One: Forest Scene
The trees, Sang Kancil and her forest friends are in harmony until the advent of the forces of Anti-Nature disrupt the harmony.

Scene Two: Turtle
Sang Kancil travels to the East Coast beaches to meet the Turtle at its historical egg laying grounds. The forces of Anti-Nature in the form of clamouring tourists and egg collectors disrupts the process of nature.

Scene Three: Mangrove Swamps
Fleeing from Anti-Nature, Sang Kancil runs through the mangrove swamps. Her thin legs will not support her and she is trapped by the Mud. Here she is teased by the cheeky Crabs. However the Crabs themselves are threatened by a flood of Yellow Earth caused by poorly planned development of the land.

Scene Four: Shopping Complex
Led by the ubiquitous Crow, Sang Kancil is taken into the frenetic night life off the city.

Scene Five: Spider
Fleeing from the city Sang Kancil meets the adaptable Spider who watches as Sang Kancil is threatened by a Tiger who in turn is shot by poaching Hunters.

Scene Six: Cave
Sang Kancil take refuge in a cave where she is entertained by a company of bats

Scene Seven: Taman-Taman Negara
The final conflict ensues with the Forces of Nature battling the Forces of Anti-Nature. The tourists and shopping complex heros, as bystanders, are eventually drawn in to aid the Forces of Nature and the Forces of Anti-Nature are banished.


  • Nama Kumpulan Tarian / Dance Company Name:Comscapes Dance Company
  • Koreografer / Choreographer:Frances Teoh, Tengku Chik Melewar, Chris Ng
  • Pengarah Pengarah / Artistic Director:Frances Teoh
  • Tarikh / Date:16 October 1988
  • Jumlah Pementasan / Total Showing:1
  • Tempat Pementasan / Venue:Nirvana Ballroom, Kuala Lumpur Hilton
  • Negeri / StateKuala Lumpur
  • Harga Tiket / Ticket Prices:$30
  • Penari / DancersPrincipal Dancers Sang Kancil – Shahnaz Zakaria Anti Nature – Frances Teoh Scene One: Forest Scene Butterfly – Sharon Tyers Monkey – Karen Leong Peacock – Rowena Yeo Loggers – Chris Ng, T C Tengku Trees – Lee Tit Yee/Pica Lee, Maybelyn Chan, Joyce Lai Scene Two: Turtle Turtle – Foo San Kwang Waves – Lee Tit Yee/Pica Lee, Joyce Lai Tourists – Chris Ng, T C Tengku, K C Lim, Karen Leong Scene Three: Mangrove Swamps Yellow Earth & Mud Dancers – K C Lim, Lee Tit Yee/Pica Lee, Joyce Lai Crabs – Rowena Yeo, Maybelyn Chan, Sharon Tyers Scene Four: Shopping Complex Crow – Chris Ng Shopping Complex Heros – T C Tengku, Karen Leong, K C Lim, Rowena Yeo Scene Five: Spider Spider – Sharon Tyers Tiger – Foo San Kwang Hunters – T C Tengku, Chris Ng, Karen Leong Scene Six: Cave Bats – Rowena Yeo, Lee Tit Yee/Pica Lee, Maybelyn Chan, Joyce Lai Scene Seven: Taman-Taman Negara Butterfly – Sharon Tyers Peacock – Rowena Yeo Monkey – Karen Leong Loggers – T C Tengku, Chris Ng Yellow Earth – Lee Tit Yee/Pica Lee, Maybelyn CHan Tourist – Foo San Kwang Shopping Complex Heros – Joyce Lai, K C Lim
  • Komposer / Composer:All music composed and performed by Galapagos Duck.
  • Pereka Tatacahaya / Lighting Designer:Lighting Designer: Rob Lock; Lighting: KL Hilton, Duchess Lighting & Design SDN BHD
  • Pereka Kostum / Costume Designer:Costume Designer: Frances Teoh; Costumes: Fuji Tailors, CYC Tailors; Additional Costumes: Courtesy of Steven Koh; Wardrobe Mistress: Cecilia Francis
  • Pereka Multimedia / Multimedia Designer:AV Slides: Courtesy of BBMB, WWF & Comscapes AV Projection Equipment: AVP
  • Penata Rias / Make-up Artist:Shiseido
  • Pemain Muzik / Musicians:Tom Hare (Leader) – Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Trumpet and Vocals; Grey Foster – Trombone, Harmonicas, Blues Harp, Piano, Bass, Didgeridoo and Vocals; John Conley – Bass Guitar, Guitar and Vocals; Tony Ansell – Yamaha Grand Piano, Piano, Yamaha DX7 and Synthesizers; Mal Morgan – Drums and Percussion
  • Lain-lain Pakar Kreatif / Additional Creative InputPoster & Programme Cover: Leo Burnett; Master of Ceremonies: Cik Wan Zaleha Radzi
  • Pengurus Pentas / Stage Manager:Yeoh Phee Hoo
  • Kru Produksi / Production Crew

    Stage Hands: KL Hilton

  • Other Information:

    Ke Mana Sang Kancil?
    A dance – in search of harmony with nature.