Hui Dance Show 迴 (1987)


Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Selangor Guangxi Association [Youth Section] 雪兰莪广西会馆青年团
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:Loh Pit Fong
  • Date:16 – 17 August 1987
  • Total Showing:2; NB: A total of 8 individual pieces were performed.
  • Venue:Petaling Jaya Civic Hall
  • State:Selangor

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Half Moon 半月 (1986)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Half moon is based on the principle of Tao, that is the Yin and Yang, the light and darkness, the dance and non dance, or in another word, the life circle and its transformation.


  • Choreographer:Lari Leong 梁乐日
  • Group:

    Guangxi Association Youth Dance Troupe 广西舞蹈组

  • Category:Contemporary dance
  • Dancers:Guangxi Association Dance Troupe.

Item #2

  • Title:Nightmare 噩梦 (1986/1987)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A young girl’s dream reflects the crisis and pain that her family encounter.


  • Choreographer:Wong Fook Choon 黄福泉
  • Group:


  • Category:N/A. [contemporary dance creation]
  • Dancers:琼青文艺团

Item #3

  • Title:Fan’Yi 蘩漪 (1986)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A contemporary treatment of a story taken from the Chinese novel. “The Storm”. The dance drama is based on the love and passion of the main character Fan’ Yi, whose internal sentiment is awaken by her step son. Out of the desire for love, she rises in despiration and bursts out into a destructive force to confront her fate in the age of feudalism.


  • Choreographer:Loh Pit Fong 罗碧芳
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, dance drama
  • Dancers:罗碧芳 Loh Pit Fong、陈连和 Tan Lian Ho、许秋桃、陈淑琳 Chan Soo Leng、姚碧宝、王健安、陈文龙、施锦雄、文复生 Woon Fook Sen。

Item #4

  • Title:Reincarnation of a Firebird 火鸟的重生 (1985)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The creation of this work was inspired by the rhythm, of “bolero” it depicts the force and passion of human beings, the never ending struggle with destiny, and joyous celebration of eternity.


  • Choreographer:Loh Pit Fong 罗碧芳
  • Group:

    Guangxi Association Dance Troupe

  • Category:N/A. [contemporary dance creation]
  • Dancers:Guangxi Association Dance Troupe

Item #5

  • Title:Having Fun 欢愉曲 (1987)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Using dance movements to express the rhythm of the music. It has 3 movements, first part is a fast movement, the second part is a slow movement, and the last part is a fast finale with a format of question and answers.


  • Choreographer:Lee Yupin 李尤萍
  • Category:Ballet
  • Dancers:罗碧芳 Loh Pit Fong、林微笑、伍德文 Ng Teck Voon.

Item #6

  • Title:Wild Grasses 劲草 (1985)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    This dance shows the continuous life of wild grasses.


  • Choreographer:Huang Tian Cai 黄添才
  • Category:N/A. [contemporary dance creation]
  • Dancers:琼青文艺团

Item #7

  • Title:Butterfly Lovers 蝴蝶梦外章 (1987)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    This dance is a dramatic narrative taken from the last episode of the traditional Chinese love tragedy “The Butterfly Lovers”.
    Scene 1 The dying of Shan Po
    Scene 2 The faith of Ying Tai’s love
    Scene 3 The butterfly lovers

    ——山伯临终              ——英台哭坟              ——化蝶

  • Choreographer:Tan Lian Ho 陈连和
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, contemporary dance
  • Dancers:陈连和 Tan Lian Ho、罗碧芳 Loh Pit Fong、陈淑琳 Chan Soo Leng、姚碧宝、王健平、王健安。

Item #8

  • Title:Echo 廻声 (1987)
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Violence, eroticism, emptiness, and the subtle modulation of anger into sensuality and back form the framework of this piece. It explores the intimate tensions of the empty souls in big cities and the tedium of the times in between.


  • Choreographer:Loh Pit Fong 罗碧芳
  • Category:N/A. [contemporary dance creation]
  • Dancers:Guangxi Association Dance Troupe


  • Lighting Designer:舞台咨询服务公司、朱芳材
  • Production Crew:Front of House Manager: 卢发; Front of House: 王佐文、杨业福、崔国文、陈有、杨天生、李婵娟、潘素梅。
  • Executive Producer:[Chairman] 大会主席:钟培生
  • Production Manager:[Committee Chairman] Loh Pit Fong
  • Stage Manager:温泰洲
  • Additional Notes:

    Advisor 演出顾问: Steven Koh, Lee Yupin, Tan Lian Ho

    Guangxi Association Troupe Dancers 广西会馆舞蹈组舞蹈员:
    文复生 Woon Fook Sen、姚碧玉、王健平、施锦雄、王健安、姚碧宝、陈彩芳、刘端凤、王健文、黎群好、许秋桃、曾枫岚、黄玉松、罗必光、王淑花、白秀云、陈文龙、黄帼琳、李爱琼、卢素怀。

    Ba Sheng Lu Qing Nian Tuan dancers 吧生路青年团舞蹈员:
    严雪青、练翠珍、陈淑仪、廖宝蓉、陈淑琳 Chan Soo Leng、陈淑云。

    Qiong Qing Wen Yi Tuan dancers 琼青文艺团舞蹈员:
    黄莲娇、郑金英、黄筱慧 Wong Siew Wai、符传利、叶佩娇、何健文、林兰妺、郑有义、蒙彩娟、谢志辉、邝丽明、梁金枝、赵亚福、刘秀琼、黄筱君、赵访明、廖爱媚、黄秀花、何亚福、覃秀萍、方爱芳。