Ben Teng Da Di Malam Konsert Tarian 奔腾大地 (1985)


Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Persatuan Drama Kheng Lin 琼联剧社合唱团
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:[Artistic Consultants] Steven Koh 柯荣添、Lee Lee Lan 李丽兰
  • Date:12 – 14 April 1985
  • Total Showing:3; NB: A total of 10 individual pieces were performed.
  • Venue:Dewan Sivik PJ
  • State:Selangor

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Hai Lang Ge 海浪歌
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Hardworking and brave sea warriors — fishermen, they sail out to sea, welcome the wind and waves, work together to catch the fish, and finally return with a full load.

    勤劳勇敢的海上勇士 —— 渔民,他们扬帆出海,喜迎风浪,同心协力捕捉鱼群,最后满载而归。

  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:Lead dancer: 傅瑞成 Group dance: 罗金德、马国荣、符传光、黄祥志 Wong Cheong Chee、郭荣贵、彭治鸣 Phang Chee Meng、吴凤财、胡亿民。

Item #2

  • Title:Huo Zhong Jie Mei Qing 火中姐妹情
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    In the raging flames, the respectable sister sacrificed herself in order to save the blind sister, sublimated the feelings between hand and feet.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:Elder Sister: 李群欢 Younger Sister: 骆素琴 Loke Soh Kim Fire demon: 傅瑞成、罗金德、黄祥志 Wong Cheong Chee、彭治鸣 Phang Chee Meng、梁峻畅、梁峻诰。

Item #3

  • Title:Jin Que Zhan Ping 金雀展屏
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The golden peacock is a noble and auspicious symbol in the hearts of the Dai people. The dance expresses people’s love for a better living by imitating the graceful posture of a peacock.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, Chinese Dai folk dance, peacock dance
  • Dancers:Lead dance: 赖彩英 Group dancer: 蔡汶玲、蔡汶霓、蔡翠萍、黎嘉燕、黄莹姆、黄宝娟、黄丽箐、张洁明

Item #4

  • Title:Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye 春江花月夜
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A young girl on the riverbank under the moonlight expressed her praise for the beautiful nature in her heart.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:李彩鹃

Item #5

  • Title:Jin Zhong 警钟
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The ignorant girl was deceived by Prince Charming’s sweet words and fell into the trap of human traffickers. Because of the unbearable humiliation, her poisoned herself to death and left only her suicide note.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:Daughter: 沈凤仪 Mother: 李群欢 Prince Charming: 符传光 Maiden: 胡惠菱、余淑真、赖彩云、陈凤玲 Procuress Madam: 许美云 Young Rowdy : 傅瑞成、郑荣贵、朱智宽 Choo Tee Kuang、黄祥志 Wong Cheong Chee
  • Other Information:

    Won The Overall Best Performance Award in the 1983 National Dance Festival.

Item #6

  • Title:Hua Gu Deng 花鼓灯
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Young men and women dancing with umbrellas and fans, celebrating the festival happily.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu, Chinese han folk dance, Hua Gu Deng
  • Dancers:Lead Dance: 沈凤仪、罗金德 Large orchid: 赖彩英、李彩鹃、黄宝娟、胡惠菱、蔡文玲 Little orchid: 陈凤玲、赖彩云、林华珠、曾秋霓、蔡汶霓、叶慧孄、骆素琴 Loke Soh Kim、黄宝红 Male dancers: 郑荣贵、胡亿民、黄祥志 Wong Cheong Chee、彭治鸣 Phang Chee Meng、吴凤财、传瑞成、梁峻畅、苏国顺
  • Other Information:

    Won the Excellence Award in 1984 National Dance Festival

Item #7

  • Title:Xiong Mei Lian Ba 兄妹练靶
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Under the blue sky on the countryside, brother and sister practice archery and bows diligently.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:李连友 Lee Len Yu、马国荣

Item #8

  • Title:Quan Shui Bian 泉水边
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A group of rejoicing girls by the spring, managed to trick an uncle to hand over his bucket, and they helped him to carry water.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:Maiden: 骆素琴 Loke Soh Kim、沈凤仪、赖彩英、蔡汶玲、黄莹姆 Uncle: 罗金德

Item #9

  • Title:Wo Men Ai Da Ping Pang Qiu 我们爱打乒乓球
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Through a table tennis match, the children learnt : “Modest allows people to progress, and pride makes people lag behind”.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:阮葆真、王丽云、谢锦慧、冯佩婷、陈佩杏、盛慧敏、王敏慧、黄建中。

Item #10

  • Title:Jie 劫
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The beautiful land was suddenly invaded by intruders, and freedom-loving people were unwilling to give in. They rebelled and finally won, but they paid the price of blood.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu
  • Dancers:Female dancer: 李群欢、赖彩英、沈凤仪、李彩鹃、蔡汶玲、胡惠菱、陈凤玲、赖彩云、黄宝娟、许美云、曾秋霞、蔡汶霓、叶慧孄、王丽云、谢锦慧。 Male dancer: 符传光、郑荣贺、傅瑞成、黄祥志 Wong Cheong Chee、朱智宽 Choo Tee Kuang、罗金德、黄建盛、胡亿民、吴凤财、梁峻畅、唐汉辉、彭治鸣 Phang Chee Meng。
  • Other Information:

    Won The Overall Best Performance Award in the 1984 National Dance Festival.


  • Additional Notes:

    Chairperson of Persatuan Drama Kheng Lin: 林猷
    Chairperson of  Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia, UCSCAM): 林晃昇
    Program book design: 符传光