‘2nd First Annual Bolehwood Awards’ – Director’s Cut

A rerun of Instant Cafe Theatre’s original production, first staged in Dec 2002, was given a performance permit in July 2003. After Opening Night, an anonymous letter, “Bolehwood Awards Teater Komedi Yang Melampau” was published in Utusan Malaysia, expressing displeasure with the show. In response, DBKL officers attended the show, and instructed ICT to remove parts that were ‘sensitive’ but allowing ICT to decide themselves what to actually remove. Following consultations with human rights lawyers, ICT did not make any cuts, continuing to stage the show in full. Before the run ended, DBKL announced that all future productions by ICT would be banned. The Mayor of KL subsequently overruled the decision, announcing that there was nothing offensive in the 2nd First Annual Bolehwood Awards and that ICT was welcomed to stage its productions in the city. <http://ww1.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2003&dt=0711&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Forum&pg=fo_01.htm> <https://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/letters/2003/07/20/laughter-cut–off-in-an-instant/>