Alice in Videoland

By Zedeck Siew On the 17th of September I was at Budaba for the Malaysian Video Awards. Having finally found a spot to stand where I wasn’t either moving aside or blocking someone’s view of podium and award recipient, I sat on a rail and finished a glass of melting ice with traces of gin. […]

Feeding Art to Orphans

By Jerome Kugan As many local arts practitioners know extremely well, funding for the arts is a big problem. It’s not that the (newly-formed) Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (or its previous incarnations) does not freely hand out ang pows to needy (and occasionally starving) dreamy creatures who champion artistic causes. Nor the fact […]

Public Hangings

By Yelena Gluzman Galeri Petronas Many people I have spoken to say that the Malaysian art scene is in some or all ways “lacking”, and this perceived lack interests me. I am a foreigner and, as such, I view and react to Malaysian art with the tentativeness of an outsider. But I think it is […]

Biar Berjuang untuk Kebenaran!

By Amirul Fakir Ketika diundang dengan penuh takzim bagi menyempurnakan pelancaran kumpulan puisi dwi bahasa Raja Ahmad Aminullah berjudul Menyarung Jiwa (Soulship), di NN Galeri baru-baru ini, Sasterawan Negara Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hj. Salleh telah memulakan bicara dengan melontarkan ungkapan sinis, antaranya, “ini bukan zaman seni, ini zaman menyingkirkan seni!”, “ini bukan zaman bahasa, ini […]

Poetry In Motion

By Prof Dr Mohd Anis Md Nor Joseph Gonzales’s Choreography: A Malaysian Perspective is the first local publication on Choreographic discourse on Malaysian dance that is written by a Malaysian and dedicated to readers in Malaysia and abroad. It is certainly refreshing and invigorating to know that an indigenous writer who is well known in […]

Enema of the Suburbs

By Vanessa Surian I am tempted to meander on in a pretentious manner about things we already know about the local music scene: Lack of support, the indifference, blah blah blah. But it’s harder not to dismiss the bands as victims of their circumstance and just talk about the evening as is. It was a […]

The Prophet’s Descendant and The Mystery Woman

By Shanon Shah Given the level of what passes for popular discussion on literature in this country, I am all for efforts to make literature accessible to a wider, especially younger, audience. I remember the days when I had to read Arena Wati, A. Samad Said and Usman Awang for my Kertas Kefahaman Bahasa Malaysia. […]