The Old Men and The Scene

By Kathy Rowland Of late Kuala Lumpur, bearing the battle scars of an economic downturn, and the promise of a moderate return to prosperity, seems to be exploring a more sophisticated road to cosmopolitanism and international desirability ­– one hinged upon the believe that a city is known as much for its culture as it […]

Penang Pedagogues

By Meilu Ho “School does not let us scream, run whenever we like,” says agitated sixth-former Johann Dzulkifil. “We have to be… civilised.” Throwing decorum out the classroom window, he exploded in an uncivilised outburst of creativity when he took part in Young Theatre – Penang’s recent work-in-progress showcase, The Dragon Who Lost a Whisker. […]

Higher Calling

By Lee Jia Ping Riding high on the commercial success of their last production Siddharta, the producers of Above Full Moon had billed this new production as a show that would take the local musical theatre scene to a ‘newer level’. In my view, it succeeded in that respect, as it showed that with the […]

You Can Close Your Eyes

By Pete Teo & Rafil Elyas Jairus Anthony. 17 November 1963 – 12 July 2004 Jairus Anthony, beloved pub singer, passed away aged 40, on the morning of July 12, 2004. Jairus wasn’t just any pub singer, he was a charming fella well loved by many respected musicians and folks in the arts community. Kakiseni […]

Fine Orchestra, Pathetic Attendance

By Aaron Raj I was pleasantly surprised with the choice of repertoire for the MPO’s concert on Friday June 25. It is comforting to know that the MPO views the Malaysian public as capable of stomaching more serious and heavy selections of the orchestral repertoire. Although I doubt if many could follow the musical discourse […]

Animal Instinct in Eden

By Tan Sei Hon “Man is categorically not the crown of all creation: every creature stands at his side, at the same stage of perfection.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Hammer of the Gods, compiled, translated and edited by Stephen Metcalf An observation put forth by an old friend some years ago: an artist who consciously works […]

Fashion Opera? What’s that?

By Shanon Shah There’s a lot to love about OPs OPHELIA: A FaShioN opeRa. First of all, it is a performance presented primarily through movement. The fact that the performers managed to create with their bodies not only a series of breathtaking images, but also a coherent underlying theme and – dare I say it […]

Abusing Prisoners of Wars

By Pang Khee Teik Like prisoners of war, starved, feverish, I found myself drifting in and out of consciousness, beholding such strange visions I couldn’t tell which state of consciousness I was in. This was my experience watching the highly abstract and sleep-inducing Sandakan Threnody by Theatreworks, Singapore, a performance based on the events of […]