The Francis Yeoh Interview

By Jenny Daneels He was fed Mozart as a child. At 46 now, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh makes no hesitation in investing RM25 million of his listed infrastructure company YTL Corporation into the construction of a performing arts centre that will eventually feed everyone more beautiful music. And theatre. And dance and other performing arts. […]

Crawling Toward 2020

By Kam Raslan “My dynamite will sooner lead to peace than a thousand world conventions. As soon as men will find that in one instant, whole armies can be utterly destroyed, they surely will abide by golden peace.” – Alfred Nobel It didn’t quite turn out that way. The Nobel Centennial Exhibition was just over […]

Dari Kamar Cinta ke Medan Perang

By Khalid Jaafar Nah, akhirnya kita menyaksikan Troy dengan Brad Pitt sebagai Achilles. Puas hati? Saya mendengar ada yang mengatakan boleh tahan, tetapi ada juga yang terus terang kecewa. Kepuasan sebenarnya tidak mungkin dicapai dalam filem. Saya katakan mustahil. Ujiannya mudah. Mahukah anda melihat Troy sebanyak dua kali? Mungkin. Tetapi kali kedua, ketiga dan keempat? […]

National Unity Crash Course

By Zedeck Siew My time at National Service began on 24th March and ended 4th of June. I was part of Series 2. I spent the first month at a camp in Kuala Kubu Bahru and the rest at Kolej 14, UPM. We were occasionally forced to watch movies, to keep us out of our […]

The Greatest Show on Earth

By Elaine Tan First you repress all such bohemian desires. Then you get into show business and establish yourself as an impresario. Being a promoter, one day, you might chance upon a circus coming to town, awakening dormant dreams. Then you network like mad, get your hands on all the contacts, and when your job […]

Young Hopeful

By Lorien Holland Diminutive Anne James is a heavyweight in the Kuala Lumpur arts scene. The 49-year-old has been acting and dancing – and occasionally directing – for as long as anyone can remember. Last month she won the Boh Cameronian Arts Award for Best Performer and later this week she will be playing an […]

The Bomoh’s Stare

By Adeline Ooi Take a journey into the primeval Malay heartland of myths, supernatural beliefs and superstitions with artist Jalaini Abu Hassan. His latest series of drawings, Mantera, is showing at Valentine Willie Fine Art until Saturday June 12. The Malay word mantera is derived from the Sanskrit mantra which translates as “a special word […]

We Are Special

By Dr Alvin Ng “They are just jealous because we are special” – Emily Spikerman The term “otak tak centre” may come across as derogatory to some people. But even when you say it nicely, for example, ‘psychological disorder’, it still means the same thing, and looked upon with the same prejudice. Mental illness has […]

The Bangsawan Hero

By Kathy Rowland If you were in search of some rest and relaxation in 1930s Malaya, chances are you would have headed to the nearest town and got yourself some tickets to a bangsawan performance. For a few cents a piece, you would have been treated to an evening of raucous entertainment – didactic, moral […]

Fertility Dance, Anyone?

By Antares Uncle Ant’s Agony and Ecstacy is a monthly column. Uncle Ant, or Agony Ant if you prefer, will answer questions about anything to do with the world of arts, from how to maintain a soprano girlfriend, to how to pretend to be knowledgeable about paintings, to how to become a soprano girlfriend. Uncle […]