Wild Rice Celebrates an Orwellian Centennial

By Antares “In the world of Animal Farm, most speechifying and public palaver is bullshit and instigated lying, and though many characters are good-hearted and mean well, they can be frightened into closing their eyes to what’s really going on.” – Margaret Atwood It’d been ages since I last read Animal Farm, undoubtedly one of […]

Getting Ready for Riverdance

By Cheryl Lim With less than two weeks to go before the arrival of the acclaimed Riverdance show in Kuala Lumpur, Kakiseni was fortunate enough to speak on the phone with the show’s English production manager, Martyn Drew, who gave some insights on what it takes to make sure this mesmerising Irish dance show travels […]

Pratonton: Projek Suitcase 2003

By Nizam Zakaria Saya merasa agak beruntung kerana telah dijemput untuk menyaksikan pratonton “Projek Suitcase”, anjuran Pustaka Cipta yang mempersembahkan sebuah pesta monolog oleh Teater Ekamatra. Pratonton penuh bertenaga dan yang telah menampilkan dua buah karya baru monolog dari Malaysia ini telah diadakan di Stor Teater DBP baru-baru ini (dua buah karya lagi dari Singapura […]

Birds of a Feather

By Antares Fancy Poultry is what they call themselves – four very yummy chicks and a couple of not-too-macho guys with delicious voices and a burning desire to entertain. Their debut at the Actors Studio was a one-night stand with a cutesy rhyming name: Strings and Tones from Multiple Zones. The evening’s fare: a couple […]

Buddha and Other Jet Setters

By Pang Khee Teik Singaporean director Ong Keng Sen is often accused of being wanky. As the founder of Theatreworks, one of the bigger companies in Singapore (meaning they get good funding from the government), he is known internationally for his cross-disciplinary works. In the recent Search Hamlet, staged in a castle in Denmark no […]

Kedurjanaan Politik dan Perjuangan

By Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad Cerita dari Blora mungkin tak sehebat atau sepopular siri Bumi Manusia atau otobiografinya, Nyanyian Seorang Bisu. Tetapi ketajaman pemikiran Pramoedya Ananta Toer, keindahan liang-liuk bahasanya dan kehebatan imaginasinya tergambar sudah dalam antologi cerpen ini, yang diterbitkan sewaktu Pram masih muda – pada tahun 1952. Bukan sahaja Pram yang muda pada […]

Shakespeare, Inc

By Antares John Bell is arguably one of the world’s most accomplished Shakespearean actors without a knighthood – a likely successor to late luminaries like Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir John Gielgud. Local theatre-lovers had the rare opportunity to watch an old master at work when the Bell Shakespeare Company recently presented All The World’s […]

The Edinburgh Arts Festival According to Toby Gough: A Mud-Wrestling Fight

By Cheryl Lim A group of local arts practitioners gathered at the Actors Studio Bangsar on October 9, 2003 for a two-hour workshop organised by Kakiseni in collaboration with Genting City of Entertainment, and conducted by Toby Gough, the man behind Lady Salsa as the artistic director, and a participant in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, […]

Perlukah Terseksa?

By Adam Tuan Mukriz Stor Teater DBP malam itu agak padat dengan personaliti-personaliti tanahair yang mungkin tidak mahu melepaskan peluang menonton persembahan teater yang diterbitkan oleh Sekutu Teater-lndi Melayu yang diasaskan pada Mei 2003 oleh Melissa Saila dan Adlin Aman Ramlie. Jika ditinjau dari segi publisiti, DBP sudah mula bijak mengatur strategi dan memancing pengunjung-pengunjung […]

Fundamentally Floored

By Matt Daniels Every once in a while an artist comes in from the fringes to shake things up and challenge the preconceptions we have all become comfortable with. Jason Lo did it admirably with Evening News, introducing big budget production values and songwriting to a rather apathetic music scene. However, since then the local […]