Intestinal Convulsive Therapy

By Antares An Instant Cafe Theatre performance is not usually something one reviews so much as raves about. No doubt the feisty and indestructible comedy company co-founded and led by Jo Kukathas has had its occasional off-key show and, more than once, has been found guilty of belabouring a point. Nonetheless ICT’s overall contribution to sanity, […]

Soh Boon Kiong: Colourscapes of Natural Inspirations

By Michelle Woo Soh Boon Kiong, a Kuantan-born 36-year-old abstract artist, is fondly visited by his collectors and fans whenever he is back in Kuala Lumpur for a show. This time around, Soh is back in town for his solo exhibition (May 30 to June 8) at the French Art Festival hosted by the Alliance Francaise. […]

Occupation: Singapore commissions play by some of Malaysia’s best artists

By Jenny Daneels The music was bewitching. Painful, it was so beautiful. It was coming from the rehearsing room at the ground floor of the Five Arts Centre, and was created by Saidah Rastam for Huzir Sulaiman’s next play Occupation. As I entered the room, Claire Wong was going through a last practice run of this […]

A Night In The Life Of Rashid Salleh

By Pang Khee Teik Two girls from Kuching posted in Kakiseni’s guestbook in March: “Really a good site u have here but should add more of Rashid Salleh’s pic. Actually, we are a big fan of him. We admire his natural acting especially in Toll Gate Girl, starring Amy Mastura. Furthermore, he brought his character in […]

Not Exactly Wilde But Wacky Enough

By Antares Photos by Pang Khee Teik The foyer of the Actors Studio Theatre in Bangsar saw a festive crowd on opening night of The Importance of Being Earnest. It was a blessed relief after seeing so many empty houses at recent productions. Seems that Oscar Wilde is alive and well in KL. Last year, […]

Who Are We?

By Michelle Woo “Identities: Who we are”, at the National Art Gallery, is an exhibition that hones the tough-to-pin-down Malaysian identity into various facets, definitions, and cultural quirks. Beginning with the “Colonial, Migrant, History, and Women” sections of prints, paintings and drawings, the show moves into the realm of photographic representations from the Dato’ Loke Wan […]

Jangan Bunuh Mereka

By Faisal Tehrani Apabila pelajar-pelajar Tingkatan Empat dan Lima Sekolah Menengah Teknik Selangor bersama-sama Purnama Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka mementaskan Jangan Bunuh Rama-rama pada 4 dan 5 Mei 2002 lalu ia sedikit mengelirukan kerana adakah ia suatu teater dalam pendidikan (memandangkan drama Jangan Bunuh Rama-rama karya Sasterawan Negara Dato’ Noordin Hassan adalah salah sebuah naskah yang […]

My life is rich. I have no pain.

By Pang Khee Teik Doing some business within Central Market sometime in April this year, I found myself stalled by photographs of laughing children. My, my, how cute. Then I saw the title of the exhibition: “Positive Lives – positive responses to HIV”. It is easy to winge sympathy with pictures of suffering children. But these […]

SMORGASBORD: Bringing Back The Bums

By Amir Muhammad It has been a dispiriting month so far for Malaysian theatre. Several high-profile productions were confronted with half-full, quarter-full, or, in extreme cases, ten-perfect-full auditoria. Examples of plays that have been afflicted are the ICT’s Baltimore Waltz, Gardner and Wife’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the Five […]

Chaos and Cacophony at Chow Kit

By Pang Khee Teik The Chow Kit Fest, originally scheduled for December, then March, then April, finally hauled itself off on Labour Day, with half its purported participants, but twice the vigour from the remnants. The five-day event featured every artistic genre but synchronised swimming. The main shows were staged at the Chinese Dramatic Arts Society […]

31-year-old Chew Hee Chiat brings fresh energy to Chinese music in Malaysia

B Jess C. He wanted to return to his roots. After all his years of training and exposure to Western classical music, Chew Hee Chiat’s passion is still Chinese music. And the Penang-born music director of Professional Cultural Centre Orchestra (PCCO) hopes to build an orchestra that has a unique identity – one that embraces […]

Glamour, Glitz and Gumption

By Antares As I was turning into the lavishly lit lstana Budaya (congratulating myself for arriving in good time for the gala performance of Fame – The Musical), a police outrider shot alongside and began slamming hard on my vehicle, his face a rude mask of righteous rage. Some very important politician behind me was […]

East Meets West at the DFP’s Family Fun Day

By Cheryl Lim There is probably no better way to introduce you to the world of classical music, and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), than to attend one of their delightful Family Fun Day concerts. Before you balk at the thought, let me assure you that the experience is as exciting for adults as it is […]

The BBC Proms Come to Kuala Lumpur

By Cheryl Lim The renowned BBC Proms turns 107 this year and yet, this venerable musical tradition shows no signs of slowing down. Introduced in 1895 by Robert Newman, manager of the Queen’s Hall in London, Newman’s aim was to bring classical music to the masses, making it something to be enjoyed by all. Having […]

Dari Lembah Kinta ke Korea…

By Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin Artis Visual dan Kurator Yayasan Kesenian Perak Pengalaman lima tahun berturut-turut (1996-2000) melaksanakan Festival Pekan Seni lpoh (FPSI) di Perak tetap menjadi kenangan manis untuk semua pihak yang terlibat samaada secara langsung mahu pun tidak. Pelbagai acara seni yang diatur mendapat respon dan sokongan yang mantap tidak kira dari kelompok penggiat […]

Taming Of The Sari

By Antares Having been greatly entertained by Rani Moorthy’s one-woman play, Pooja, I was looking forward to the staging of her latest work, Manchester United and the Malay Warrior (which will see a one-week run in June at Cultureshock, the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival in Manchester). A collaboration between Five Arts Centre, Rasa (Ms Moorthy’s own […]

Bulan Separuh Retak Di Petaling Jaya

Faisal Tehrani Enam kali Di Mana Bulan Selalu Retak karya Sasterawan Negara A. Samad Said dipentaskan. Persembahan paling memuaskan menurut penulisnya sendiri tentu sahaja di Singapura oleh ‘anak-anak Singapura’ tetapi sepanjang enam-enam pementasan itu, menurut penulisnya sendiri – pasangan Falel-Zuraidah yang paling efektif datang daripada Kuala Lumpur iaitu dari seorang pelakon drama-drama HVD (drama ‘seram’ […]

I Am So Not Exotic

By Pang Khee Teik In January, Rani Moorthy came upon us like desert rain and showered on us a deeply Malaysian story. Titled Pooja, it bravely tells of her childhood spent in desperate rituals trying to remedy the bad horoscope she got erroneously assigned to. (Click here for the review by Antares). Rani, who cut her […]