Carl Davis Brings The Silent Classics To Life

By Cheryl Lim On his third appearance at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas from March 8 to 10, 2002, conductor/composer Carl Davis chose to pay tribute to the era of the steam locomotive with Full Steam Ahead. Having composed a multitude of pieces for theatre, ballet, film, television and concert halls, Davis’ credits include compositions for the […]

KL’s First A Cappella Fiesta Hits The Right Notes

By Cheryl Lim A cappella. Singing without instrumental accompaniment. A style that allows the full magic of the human voice to shine through. Popularised by R&B group BoyzllMen as well as talented international a cappella acts like The King’s Singers, the Swingle Singers, the Radcliffe Pitches (Harvard’s oldest all-female a cappella group) and the Song […]

REVIEW: Return to Kandahar

By Amir Muhammad The most exhilarating Iran film I have ever seen was A Moment of Innocence during a screening at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1997. It was a packed house with over 1,000 spectators and the audience was, it can be safely said, swept away. We laughed and gasped at all […]

Apanya Berkenaan Anugerah?

By Faisal Tehrani Pementasan teater Anugerah berakhir pada 21 Mac 2002 yang lalu di DBKL setelah tujuh hari dipentaskan. Teater anjuran Persatuan Penulis Wanita Malaysia ini ialah kegiatan teater kelima anjuran persatuan ini baik secara langsung atau kerjasama setelah Pelayaran Nur Atma, Dejavu Seorang Perempuan, Lantai T. Pinkie dan Kilung Musung. Anugerah telah dipindahkan dari sebuah […]

Winnie Yong’s first book Of Fishes & Bicycles is like a marshmallow

By Cheryl Lim At first glance, this looks like Malaysia’s answer to Melissa Bank’s wickedly funny Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. But that reference to the underwater inhabitant is about the only thing these two books have in common. Of Fishes & Bicycles marks Winnie Yong’s writing debut, taking an irreverent look at relationships […]

Russian Outpour of Emotions from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

By Cheryl Lim The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Mariss Jansons’ reputations precede them, as seen from the large crowd that turned up at the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas (DFP) on March 1 and 2 to watch them perform their maiden concerts here. Appearing with them on the first night was acclaimed cellist Truls Mørk, returning for […]

More Nightmare Than Dream

By Antares I seriously considered keeping mum about my strange reaction to this gaudy and raucous musical comedy put up by a bunch of youngsters who call themselves De Silva and The Theatre People. A member of the cast had taken pains to ensure that I came to review The Dream’s Nightmare. Sometimes you just […]

Smorgasbord: Dogs, etc. in Deauville

By Amir Muhammad There were two big controversies during the recently concluded Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville. Both provided interesting glimpses behind the scenes of the “cross-cultural exchange” mission that is always the avowed raison d’etre of any self-respecting film-fest these days. The first occurred when the Chinese competing entry, Fathers, had to be withdrawn […]

The B*ltim*re W*ltz Opens in KL!

By Antares This was supposed to be a straightforward review of a not-so-straightforward play, The Baltimore Waltz by the award-winning playwright Paula Vogel, directed by Rey Buono and produced by the Instant Cafe Theatre. However, external circumstances sometimes intrude and irrevocably alter the course originally intended. The play was very nearly cancelled. Indeed, one day […]

Thinking Outside The Box

By Kathy Rowland Confrontations between the State and artists are a fact of arts practice. Whether it is the Church and Court in medieval Europe suppressing the bawdy antics of commedia del arte, the Soviet Union assigning 70,000 bureaucrats to monitor the works of 7,000 writers, or the US Senate rising up against an artist taking […]

Artist of Many Ta-lann-ts

By Jenny Daneels In 1997 Yee I-Lann sent 12 faxes and in nine days organised an illegal event at the Pudu prison, where she gathered seventy artists to perform and exhibit to a crowd of 2,700 people. This was instigated by news that Pudu prison would be demolished at the end of the month. She thought […]

Listen Up!

By Cheryl Lim Mention jazz and images of great musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong immediately spring to mind. Our view of this musical genre has long been dominated by Western acts, so the recent performance by Indonesian jazz group, simakDialog with its ambitious fusion of East and West was like the proverbial […]

Joe Kidd: Unclogging the Underground

By Jerome Kugan For much of the past decade, the Terengganu-born 37-year-old Joe Kidd has dedicated himself to the KL music scene. First as a writer covering local music for The Star and The Sun, then as a guitarist/vocalist in punk bands Carburetor Dung and Shit Workers, among others. That list also includes his role as […]

Tale of Two Brothers

By Jess C. There were heart-breaking moments of tears, as well as heart-warming splatters of laughter. A great script with superb acting and beautiful music had weaved together an extraordinary story of the Siamese twins Chang and Eng. When the three-hour long musical reached its finale, the auditorium at lstana Budaya was deafeningly silent. As […]

Sharpshooting From the Hip

By Antares “What You Get Is What You See” is what Sue Ingleton calls her latest one-woman show, which features 80 minutes of her irreverent brand of power-packed, stand-up, bend-over, turn-inside-out-and-upside-down comedy. She might also have called it “What You Get Is What You Can Catch” -at least 10% of her high-velocity rap was lost […]

SMORGASBORD: Tomyam Western

By Amir Muhammad The most-viewed Thai film among Malaysians in the past few years has got to be Nang Nak. Elderly relatives of mine have seen it. Even people who don’t even normally watch Hollywood or local movies have seen it. The fact that the film is banned is of no consequence – the invisible hand […]