Berdendang Dalam Opera

By Faisal Tehrani Apakah saya menyukai produksi Opera Uda dan Dara yang dipentaskan di The Actors Studio Bangsar pada 20 Februari lepas hingga 3 Mac 2002? Uda dan Dara hanya bermula sebagai sebuah puisi berjudul Gadis di Kuburan. Penyair besar kita Usman kemudian menggubahnya dalam bentuk cerpen, sebuah drama televisyen berdasarkan Uda dan Dara pula di […]

Barbie Turns 40, Reinvents Herself

By Antares She was called “Barbie Doll” as a kid. But Barbara grew up and became the archetypal all-American golden girl, a regular Sandra Dee, without a clue about life. She gets negatively imprinted by a jerk named Dennis, with whom she maintains an abusive 8-year relationship. Then she falls for Daniel and ends up […]

Of Giggles, Guffaws and Groans

By Cheryl Lim Last March, we were introduced to the very first Malaysian Comedy Festival 2001, courtesy of Hans Issac and his company, Tall Order Production. That first outing saw performances by comedy stalwarts Harith lskander, Jit Murad, Afdlin Shauki, lndi Nadarajah and Allan Pererra. “I love to watch their acts so I gathered them under […]

Anoushka Shankar Lives Up to Her Reputation

By Cheryl Lim The Dewan Filharmonik Petronas reverberated with the exotic sounds of the sitar recently when Anoushka Shankar, daughter and student of legendary sitar virtuoso and composer Ravi Shankar, made her solo Malaysian debut on January 21 and 22 as a part of the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP)’s World Music Series. Accompanied by the talented […]

Uda Dan Dara Menyanyi Lagi!

By Faisal Tehrani Allahyarham Usman Awang menulis 22 buah drama. Salah satu yang paling diingati tentunya Uda dan Dara, naskah yang sering disamakan dengan Romeo dan Juliet. Sebelum Usman meninggal dunia tahun lalu, beliau sempat membisikkan kepada Faridah Merican, Krishen Jit dan Joe Hasham supaya mementaskan semula Uda Dan Dara, Usman terhimbau apabila lagu-lagu dalam […]

SUE INGLETON on healing, shamanism, and theatre

By Antares KAKISENI: Sue, can you tell us a little about your life and work? SUE: My life and my work have been intertwined. I live my life and repeat it in my work. I work though my life and it becomes my art and my art heals my life. Am I the ouroborus or just […]

SMORGASBORD: A Perfect Story

By Amir Muhammad There are many short stories that I love greatly. Here are my two favourites: Vladimir Nabokov’s Signs and Symbols manages to be both ruthlessly clever and heartbreakingly humane, while Paul Bowles’ Pages From Cold Point is a masterpiece in which an unreliable narrator takes you on a psycho-sexual ride where seemingly nothing happens […]

Ballsy Babe With Barracuda Brains

By Antares There she stood: Vera Verbiage, vivacious, voluptuous, and very vulgar Venusian, portrayed by a peroxide blonde American woman with no post-911 fear of flying. All she needed now was a crotch-revealing tight skirt and a bit of Spanish moss dangling from her armpits… Karen Loftus has created a marketable standup schtick revolving around […]

PREVIEW – Mek Mulong Cahaya Bulan

By Cheryl Lim It is indeed heartening to know that some efforts are being made to preserve the traditional Malaysian art forms that are rapidly fading into oblivion. One example of this is the PETRONAS Performing Arts Group, a cultural troupe that was formed in 1990 to take on the role of Malaysia’s cultural ambassador to […]

Of Metaphors and Transformations

By Dr Tripat Narayanan You enter a darkened theatre, grope your way towards your seat, speak in hushed tones, and contemplate the spartan set of simple scaffolding and 3 stools before the curtain rising of spotlight on the stage and cosmic embryonic sounds commence to draw you into the agony of a family whose comfort […]

An Evening of Organ Music at the DFP

By Cheryl Lim Organist Simon Preston delighted the audience with his expressive playing at a series of performances with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra from January 18th to 20th. Returning to the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas for his second appearance, the distinguished organ virtuoso and conductor joined Maestro Kees Bakels to create an evening of breathtaking musical imagery. […]

Azizi Abdullah berKAWIN-KAWIN

By Faisal Tehrani Setelah begitu lama, entah apa masalahnya sebelum ini, pemenang-pemenang Hadiah Sako anjuran Kumpulan Utusan pun diumumkan. Pemenang kali ini,penulis veteran Azizi Abdullah yang begitu dikenali menerusi karya­ karya klasik seperti Seorang Tua Di Kaki Gunung dan Sinnapapal. Hadiah Sako yang pertama kali dianjurkan pada tahun 1995 pernah mentakhtakan Sasterawan Negara Abdullah Hussain menerusi […]