To Me Wa…D 茶靡花 (2010)


Do come and support this very meaningful drama about the life of a ‘Transgender’. A Transgender is also a human being. It’s just that they are different. Why is Society so cruel to people as such them. For your information, many Transgenders have University qualifications,are educated and talented people. When they went for a job interview, they will always be rejected. Why??? Is it because of the way the they Look? This is very very sad.

Our World is made up of many different types of people. Try to understand them and not critics. Come and watch this drama with an open heart.

Who knows one day your own child will also be a Transgender. What are you going to do? Kill your own Child? Cut off family ties? Think again and understand this drama… Is time for a change…

They say… ‘Living my rights as a Transgender…’




  • Penulis:Derian Yew 尤傅隆
  • Karya Tempatan Asli:Yes
  • Nama Kumpulan:Neighborhood Performance Group 路人甲表演社
  • Tarikh:2010, December 26
  • Jumlah Pementasan:1
  • Tempat Pementasan:Auditorium A, Komtar Level 5
  • Bahasa:{post_terms_theatre_language}
  • Harga Tiket:RM5
  • Pengarah:Derian Yew 尤傅隆
  • Pereka Tatacahaya:Nickyo Lim 林昆復
  • Penata Rias:Jae Chan 曾偉倫, Manfred Khoo
  • Kru Pentas:Chuan Kok Aun 蔡國安, Wong Zi Neng 黃子能, Lok Kim Eng 駱金榮
  • Pelakon Utama:

    Heah Choon Hang 連俊航, Kent Tan 陳全能, Yeoh Khoon Sean 楊坤賢, Ginni Teo Dan Feng 張丹鳳, Chong Chean Swee 張搌瑞, Pei Lingz 顏珮琳, Alvin Yeoh 陽明和, Ivan Ong 王開文, Jocyelyn Goh 吳欣薇, PlusOne Ng 吳家易, Kam Jia Jun 甘嘉俊, Cloey Teng 唐嫻

  • Pengurus Pentas:Nickyo Lim 林昆復