Tepak Tari (2015)


Sirih bertepuk, inang menari. Two enchanting programs of short works by Malaysian dancers. Like the traditional welcoming betelnut box, or tepak sirih, Tepak Tari is a box of dancing variety, brought together into a single intoxicating experience.

From charming Chinese classical dance performed by school students, to minimalist contemporary works set to avant-garde music. From the rhythmic tapestries of odissi, to the explosive power of wushu. Like the ritual of assembling the areca nut, betel leaf and lime paste, Tepak Tari stirs together the rich living tradition of Malaysia’s dance heritage with fresh perspectives and spicy dashes of creativity.

Info Produksi:

  • Syarikat Produksi / Persembahan:MyDance Alliance
  • Pengarah Seni / Kurator / Koordinator Program:Ramli Ibrahim
  • Tarikh:3-5 September 2015
  • Jumlah Pementasan:4
  • Tempat Pementasan:Auditorium DBKL
  • Negeri:Kuala Lumpur

Item Tarian Individu

Item #1

  • Tajuk:Memories
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Memories are laid down in sorrow and in joy, throughout the passing of a lifetime.

  • Koreografer:Wong Kit Yaw
  • Kumpulan:

    Yu Hua Secondary School Cultural Club Dance Group

  • Kategori:Chinese traditional dance
  • Penari:Lwee Fung Yueh, Teo Hui Gi, Wong Whei Shuen, Lee Yi Ning, Kok Wai Ying, Lim Zheng Qi, Yip Jia Rou, Foo Shu Qi, Teo Hui Min, Wong Kah Woi, Ng Pei Yu, Madeline Lim Zi Jun, Si Joe Ann, Chen Rui Wen, Tan Xin Yin, Yeong Hui Yee & Lu Ke Ying
  • Komposer:Chen Yan, sung by Michelle Pan

Item #2

  • Tajuk:Ketuk Tilu
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Jaipongan is a popular ‘modern’ Indonesian dance and music style created in the Sixties. It is an underground genre rebelling against president Soekarno’s decree prohibiting the copying of Western rock’n’roll.

  • Koreografer:Gerard Mosterd
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:January Low & Raziman Sarbini
  • Komposer:Jaipongan Java, Jugala Orchestra, BandungChen Yan, sung by Michelle Pan

Item #3

  • Tajuk:After Dark
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    In a dream or in reality, we keep waking up and falling asleep. There are moments when we are trying to stay awake, sometimes we would rather sleep. There are moments when we see nothing but hear everything. Thus, the more we can’t see in the darkness, the more we dream.


  • Koreografer:Wong Jyh Shyong
  • Kumpulan:

    DPAC Dance Company

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Rachel Chew Zi Xin, Lim Jie Jing, Hanaa Tan Qiao Han, Melody Tee Kai Le & Kyson Teo Khai Shen
  • Komposer:Jack Wan & Thong Yoong How (HANDS Percussion)

Item #4

  • Tajuk:Sum to SUM
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Sum to SUM is the reworking of set phrases from the Indian classical form kathak. The work reflects the choreographer’s inheritance transformed through exposure, cultural association, integration and assimilation and draws from these experiences to create the logic for the reworking


  • Koreografer:Umesh Shetty
  • Kumpulan:

    Temple of Fine Arts

  • Kategori:Contemporary, Indian classical
  • Penari:Dancers of the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur

Item #5

  • Tajuk:A Wrinkle in Time
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    We often long to seek the forgotten innocence, far from the viciousness of our harsh reality.
    And this longing is always beyond time and history, the same for now, as it is for the future.


  • Koreografer:Amy Len
  • Kumpulan:

    Kwang Tung Dance Company

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Mak Foong Ming, Tan Bee Hung, Foong Siew Ching, Anges Leong, Fione Chia, Kym Tan, Suzie Lim, Vicky Yap & Japheth Lim
  • Komposer:Goh Lee Kwang

Item #6

  • Tajuk:Dikir
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Inspired by dikir barat, a traditional folk song and dance from Kelantan, which uses repeated phrases of movements while telling a story. The nature of life is repetitious, a cycle that continues incessantly – until it ends.


  • Koreografer:Raziman Sarbini
  • Kumpulan:

    Faculty of Dance, ASWARA

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:The Faculty of Dance, ASWARA
  • Komposer:Rag Bagno with additional composition and effects by Justin Lim

Item #7

  • Tajuk:Stranded Soul in Black Coffin
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Based on the gothic fashion concept of designer Amanda Brown, this work explores the mood and dramatic atmosphere of disembodied souls hovering in a lonely cemetery as the spirit of a woman, who has recently died, struggles to cross over to the other spiritual realm.


  • Koreografer:Divya Nair (in collaboration with Amanda Brown)
  • Kumpulan:

    Sutra Dance Theatre

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Loh Weijun, Divya Nair, Geethika Sree, Harenthiran Pulingam & Karishma Gill
  • Komposer:Loh Weijun

Item #8

  • Tajuk:Sayonara
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    To say goodbye is to die a little. I look ahead to everyday life, but think of my small room.


  • Koreografer:Mikuni Yanaihara
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Joanna Tan Ien-Xin
  • Komposer:Dwayne Morison
  • Pereka Multimedia:Keisuke Takahashi

Item #9

  • Tajuk:return
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    to give or send back in reciprocation
    to give, take, or carry back; replace or restore
    to repay or recompense, especially with something of equivalent value

  • Koreografer:Sukania Venugopal, Rathimalar Govindarajoo, January Low and Edwin Anand
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Rathimalar Govindarajoo and January Low
  • Komposer:Edwin Anand
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Performer: Sukania Venugopal

Item #10

  • Tajuk:Rebab
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    The traditional stringed instrument called the rebab makes the melody which accompanies the traditional dance theatre of mak yong, especially prominent in its opening dance, Mengadap Rebab.


  • Koreografer:Abdul Hamid Chan & Muhammad Suwandi bin Paman @ Paiman
  • Kumpulan:

    The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Dancers of The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University

Item #11

  • Tajuk:Beyond the Time
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Stepping across boundaries results in a comprehension of the value of life. The years we have gone through have led us to create a life less ordinary.


  • Koreografer:Lee Swee Seng
  • Kumpulan:

    Lee Wushu Arts Theatre

  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Lee Swee Seng & Cheong Kee Qing
  • Komposer:Onn San
  • Pereka Multimedia:Adrian Yeung

Item #12

  • Tajuk:Nasi Ekonomi
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.” – Warren Buffet


  • Koreografer:Suhaili Micheline & Faillul Adam
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Yunus Ismail, Norbaizura Abd Ghani, Murni Omar, Amellia Feroz, Summer Gan, James Kan, Izzazly Fikri, Mohd Azfar Shukri & Lim Pei Ern
  • Komposer:Rene Aubry & Fitkinwall


  • Pereka Tatacahaya:Oasis Productions
  • Penerbit:Bilqis Hijjas
  • Pengurus Pentas:Jaslyn Niow
  • Nota Tambahan:
    Assistant Producer: Leng Poh Gee
    Front of House Manager: Rithaudin Abdul Kadir
    Ticketing Coordinator: Susan Chee, Stephanie Ho
    Lighting Design Assistance: Sivarajah Natarajan
    Graphic Design: Grey Yeoh