D’Motion International Dance Festival: Programme A – Asian Festivals Exchange (2014)


With the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) and T.H.E Dance Company collaboration, d’MOTION International Dance Festival is a yearly event that always take place in December. Programme A features collaborative choreography of Asian artists that were hosted by DPAC in Malaysia and T.H.E Dance Company / M1 CONTACT Festival in Singapore.

Info Produksi:

  • Syarikat Produksi / Persembahan:DPAC Dance Company, T.H.E Second Company
  • Pengarah Seni / Kurator / Koordinator Program:Wong Jyh Shyong
  • Tarikh:17 – 18 December 2014
  • Jumlah Pementasan:2
  • Tempat Pementasan:DPAC
  • Negeri:Selangor

Item Tarian Individu

Item #1

  • Tajuk:Absence
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Absence contemplates the selective blindness afflicting our increasingly affluent first-world societies. Often we obsess over the most trivial of concerns, perpetuated by mainstream media, in place of more pressing global issues.

  • Koreografer:Jin Byoung Cheol (Korea), Marcus Foo (Singapore)
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Anabel Ng, Eunice Wee, Jackie Ong, Jing Byoung Cheol, Lynette Lim, Marcus Foo
  • Komposer:Trent Rezor, Atticus Ross, Mia Wasikowska, Pail Leonard-Morgan, Alvin Risk, Hans Zimmer, Peder, Max Richter, Mowg
  • Pereka Multimedia:Music & Video Projection Editing: Hwang Chanyong, Marcus Foo Text: Jin Byoung Cheol, Marcus Foo
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Original Lighting Designer: Kim Jae Eok (Seoul premiere), Anna Rouhu (Singapore premiere)

Item #2

  • Tajuk:The Body Speaks
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    How do you listen to the voice of a body?

  • Koreografer:Lee Ren Xin (Malaysia), Miwa Okuno (Japan)
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Chia Poh Hian, Eunice Wee, Ma Yanling, Tan Meng Hooi
  • Komposer:Yohey Fujishiro
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Original Lighting Designer: Anna Rouhu

Item #3

  • Tajuk:I See Skies of Blue
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    “I see Skies of Blue” is a postmodern metaphor that contemplates the incredulity of our belief in the best of times in which we now live, with its prescriptive rules and conventional behavioral patterns. People define their existence and accommodate these social orders by seeing them as an act of embracing skies of blue and clouds of white. Indeed, it’s a wonderful world with both light and darkness. In today’s age of manifestation, people rise and fight though their attempts at resistances are as futile as throwing straws against the wind, yet dreaming of hope is an elegy for life.

  • Koreografer:Wong Jyh Shyong (Malaysia)
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Goh Shou Yi, Hanaa Tan Qiao Han, Kyson Teo Khai Shen, Lynnette Png, Nix Cheek Sing Yue, Rachel Chew Zi Xin
  • Komposer:Lin Yi Shuo, Wong Jyh Shyong, Avril Lavigne, P. Ramlee
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Original Lighting Designer: Anna Rouhu


  • Krew Produksi:Technical Director: Tan Eng Heng; Technical Manager: Tan Ching Kui; Assistant Technicians: Lee Ming Kiat, Chan Yi Jing, Timothy Lau
  • Penerbit:Hoh May Yee
  • Nota Tambahan:

    Marketing: Maggie Ong

    Front of House: Yip Hui Teng

    Graphic Designer: Jimme Chye