Patches of Dreams (2007)


Dancers’ very own body languages and individually were being led out in a space where there is no boundary. By exchanging different elements together with the choreographers’ exchange of creativity and experiences, different energies were put together and <Patches of Dreams> was born.

Info Produksi:

  • Syarikat Produksi / Persembahan:Kwang Tung Dance Troupe
  • Tarikh:20 – 23 December 2007
  • Jumlah Pementasan:4; NB: A total of 4 individual pieces were presented. Below are only the live items. The show also included the dance film works “amour espace” by Ben J. Riepe and Tomasz Jasosz, and “Wail” by James Lee.
  • Tempat Pementasan:Pentas 2, KL PAC
  • Negeri:Kuala Lumpur

Item Tarian Individu

Item #1

  • Tajuk:“LAH”
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Allowing dancers to release certain burden of concept, using their very own individuality, toppled up with changes and transformation, patches of energies were being produced.

  • Koreografer:Ben J. Riepe
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Faith Toh, Lee Choy Wan, Tin Tan, Mak Foong Ming, Tan Bee Hung, Foong Siew Ching, Raymond Liew, Lim Tiong Wooi
  • Komposer:Donald Ng
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Rehearsals Assistant: Amy Len

Item #2

  • Tajuk:“Winter at 33C”
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Emotions of earlier times and the olden days that felt so close; but drifted apart in the contemporary. This feeling will slowly emerge in the heart, causing “memories” and “hallucination” to weave and roam freely

  • Koreografer:Amy Len
  • Kategori:Contemporary
  • Penari:Faith Toh, Lee Choy Wan, Tin Tan, Mak Foong Ming
  • Komposer:Donald Ng
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Dance Tutor: Ben J. Riepe


  • Pereka Tatacahaya:Ben J.Riepe (LAH), Tan Eng Heng (Winter at 33C)
  • Pereka Set:Tin Tan
  • Penerbit:Samantha Chong
  • Pengurus Pentas:Jason Lai
  • Publisiti:Lee Choy Wan, Mak Foong Ming, Raymond Liew, Lim Tiong Wooi, Lim Chee Wei, Lim Cheng Choo
  • Nota Tambahan:

    Advisors: Soo Wing Fong, Chong Soon Fatt, Soo Li Yong

    Secretary: Louise Yow, Tan Bee Hung

    Treasury: Foong Siew Ching

    Sponsorship: Faith Toh, Chin Kah Voon, Chai Vi Van, Mah Hui Shan

    Food & Beverage: Liew Hui Chan

    Graphic Design: Weng Nam