Ming Fang Dance Showcase 鸣放 舞蹈欣赏晚会 (1978)


Info Produksi:

  • Syarikat Produksi / Persembahan:MCA Youth Melaka Dance Troupe 马六甲马华马青舞蹈组
  • Pengarah Seni / Kurator / Koordinator Program:Steven Koh 柯榮添,陳美佳,王丙炎。
  • Tarikh:17 – 19 September 1978
  • Jumlah Pementasan:3
  • Tempat Pementasan:Assembly Hall, Pay Fong Middle School Malacca 马六甲培风中学大礼堂
  • Negeri:Melaka

Item Tarian Individu

Item #1

  • Tajuk:Kong Que Dong Nan Fei 孔雀东南飞
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    It is a serious attempt to embellish the poetry through dance and dramatic movements. According to the brief description of the poem, marrying his wife Liu Lan Zhi, virtuous and dignified, but not tolerated by Jiao‘s mother, hence was returned to her mother’s home. Later, brother forced her to remarry the son of the prefecture, and on wedding night Lan Zhi devoted herself to the lake to show her loyalty. Zhong Qing the husband is sad and sorrow, and also hung himself on the garden tree.

    The whole play is completed in one go, divided into prologue, sending away, farewell, betroth, ceremony night, and dying for love. The artistic conception of poem is expressed in a flat and straightforward manner, without deliberately exaggerating its grief and sorrow; at the same time, with strong dance feelings, the piece forcefully accuses the unreasonable feudal system.



  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, dance drama
  • Penari:Jiao’s mother 焦母: 黃時華 Zhong Qing 仲卿: 陳隆陞 Lan Zhi 蘭芝: 陳彩雲 Peacock group dancers & betroth people 孔雀群、下聘者: 全體舞舞者 (all dancers)
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Referring to masterpiece from ancient music house in Han Dynasty 汉代古乐府代表作
    Reciter by 朗誦: 吳金英

Item #2

  • Tajuk:Gong Ren Wu 工人舞
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    It expresses the spirit of diligence and hard work of sacred workers, and is proud of their contributions to the prosperity of the country. It also shows that today’s women are also an indispensable part of any development.


  • Koreografer:黃良道
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, contemporary dance
  • Penari:Engineering Pioneer 工程先鋒: 沈閏芳,鍾永強,社金蕉 Slender Workers 泥水女工: 吳家鳳,陳瑞意,李愛華,許惠敏,雷乃英,陳韻珍,陳紹秀 Tan Siow Siew,黃金女,黃金惜。 Male carpenter 男木工: 昊元助,蔡嚴慶,楊志強,鄭才發 Female welder 燒焊女工: 黃瑞金 Male welder 燒焊男工: 李福明,李華明,鍾永強 Chong Yoon Keong,杜金蕉。
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Music: 銀花朵朵

Item #3

  • Tajuk:Shui Man Jin Shan 水漫金山
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    From borrowing the umbrella at West Lake and the matchmaking of Xiao Qing, the plot started in an orderly manner. On the Dragon Boat Festival, the White Snake went to Kun Lun to steal the fairy grass. Fa Hai took Xu Xian away from her, caused White Snake and Green Snake brought the fish and turtles soldiers, drew the water from the Yang Tze River and rushed into Jin Shan Temple. In the play, the White Snake’s sacrifice for love and her sentiment of not bowing to evil forces are emphasized; the loyalty of Green Snake and the righteous help of the fish turtles soldiers, also reflected Fa Hai‘s cruel, ruthless and ugly humanity.


  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯榮添,歐麗慧
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, dance drama
  • Penari:White Snake 白蛇: 陳彩雲 Green Snake 青蛇: 陳彩風 Xu Xian 許仙: 鍾永強 Chong Yoon Keong Fa Hai 法海: 李福明 Xian Weng 仙翁: 謝如鏡 Fish soldiers 魚兵: 陳瑞意、黃时華、范惠蓮、黃瑞金、楊秀珍 Turtle generals 龜將: 李華明、杜金蕉、吳元助、蔡嚴慶 Mussel 蚌: 葉亞財 Deer & Crane kid, villagers, 4 Jin Gang 鹿童鶴童、村民村姑、四大金剛: 全體舞者 (all dancers)
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Adapted from the folk legend “The Legend of the White Snake”.

Item #4

  • Tajuk:Fei Yan 飛燕
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Breaking through the darkness, crossing the cold current, ushering the warmth and hope.


  • Koreografer:楊福來
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, contemporary dance
  • Penari:楊福來,陳彩雲

Item #5

  • Tajuk:Yu Ge 漁歌
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Reflecting the life of fishermen in the form and effect of stage.


  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu
  • Penari:Mother 母親: 陳美柱 Old fisherman 老漁民: 楊志強 Daughter 女兒: 駱瑞金/雷乃英 Fishermen 漁民: 全體舞者 (all dancers)

Item #6

  • Tajuk:Du 毒
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    There are pitfalls everywhere in the society, and ignorant youth suffer a lot. Bad guys use all means to feed themselves up. Once they are deeply addicted to drugs, they will never be in control again. Of course, drug dealers are ultimately restrained. The victims, are to give up drugs and reform. With support from the community, there’s hope.
    Everyone is responsible to eliminate drugs.



  • Koreografer:黃良道
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, contemporary dance
  • Penari:[Performer] Young girl 少女: 黃瑞金 Young rowdy 阿飛: 鍾永強 Chong Yoon Keong,杜金蕉 Victims 受害者: Female (女) 李愛華、范惠蓮、吳家鳳、楊秀珍、駱瑞金 Male (男) 蔡嚴慶、楊志強、吳元勛、鄭才發、黃良道 Bawd 鴇母: 陳瑞意 Decent people 正派人士: 李華明、李福明
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Music: Chinese and Western music.

Item #7

  • Tajuk:Gan Ji 趕集
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Early in the morning, the brothers and sisters drove a cart full of fresh vegetables and rushed to the market. Along the way, they were attracted by the beautiful scenery. Innocently, they dance with butterflies and singing together with the birds until the sun came out. Then only they realize the passage of time, and move on in hurry.


  • Koreografer:杜金燕
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu
  • Penari:杜金燕,黃瑞金
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Music: Triumphant 凯旋

Item #8

  • Tajuk:Luo Shen 洛神
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    Cao Zhi was a poet in the Three Kingdoms period. He was taken away by his brother because of his beloved woman, Zhen Jing, who soon died in depression in the palace. Cao Zhi was deeply saddened. Once, he returned to his fief from Kyoto, passed by Luo Shui, and heard about the Luo Shui Goddess Mi Fei, which evoked Cao Zhi‘s memories of Zhen Jing. Apart from sadness, he wrote the famous “Luo Shen Fu” .

    The way of expression of the dance starts from Cao Cao‘s stunning and retiring, until Cao Zhi tranced in his sleep to see Concubine Zhen at Ling Bo and looking back.



  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, dance drama
  • Penari:Cao Zhi 曹操: 楊福來 Cao Pi 曹丕: 杜金蕉 Zhen Fei 甄妃: 林金美,黃瑞金 Cao Cao 曹植: 李華明

Item #9

  • Tajuk:Chang Sheng Dian 長生殿
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    From Bai Ju Yi’s “Chang Hen Ge“, the inspiration captured, “…the blue clouds enter from the sky of the beautiful palace, fairy music can be heard everywhere, gently sing and dance closely with the instrument, the emperor does not see enough. Yu Yang war drum beaten, startled the Ni Shang Wu Yi song…”.

    In the harem, the maids were still singing and dancing, without realizing the rebellion. In the dance, the choreographer is intentionally or unintentionally revealing the tension and quiet atmosphere before the “storm”.



  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯荣添
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu
  • Penari:陳瑞意,黃时華,陳彩雲,范惠蓮,李愛華,吳家鳳,黃瑞金,駱瑞金,楊秀珍。
  • Maklumat Lain:

    Music: 潯陽月光

Item #10

  • Tajuk:Cao Yuan Shang 草原上
  • Sinopsis Item / Nota Program:

    It brings together the dances elements of four Chinese ethnic minorities Mongolian, Xinjiang, Yi ethnic and Tibet, and faithfully reports and introduces their unique dance style.


  • Koreografer:Steven Koh 柯荣添,黃良道
  • Kategori:Hua Zu Wu, Chinese folk dances, (Mongolian, Xin Jiang, Yi, Tibetan) minority ethnic dances
  • Penari:All performers.


  • Pereka Tatacahaya:[In-charge] 郭數植,熊漢欽。
  • Pereka Set:[In-charge] 李福明,蔡文宴,蔡嚴慶。
  • Krew Produksi:[In-charge] Sound Designer or Engineer: 吳雲蛟 / 李華明, 李福明; [In-charge] Sewing Director: (Male) 楊福來, 陳隆陞. 副主任: 葉亞才. (Female) 陳瑞意, 范蕙蓮. 副主任: 駱瑞芬; Team: All female dancers; [In-charge] Make-up: 楊福來; [In-charge] Props: 黃良道; [In-charge] Wardrobe: 黃良道. Team: 李華明,李福明,鄭財發,吳元勛,劉利光,蔡嚴慶,杜金蕉.
  • Pengurus Produksi:[總務] 陳期典
  • Pengurus Pentas:Steven Koh 柯榮添
  • Publisiti:[In-charge] 何仁德