MKKEN (Menjejaki Kembali Kesah-Kesah Ekonomi Negara) by Azizan Paiman

MKKEN (Menjejaki Kembali Kesah-Kesah Ekonomi Negara), an installation by well-know artist, Azizan Rahman Paiman that was part of the Pusaka: Warisan Pengemudi Wawasan at Bank Negara’s Museum and Art Gallery was subject to two acts of censorship by unnamed officials. The work, comprising found objects including old school desks and portraits was deemed too political by the officers from Bank Negara. In response, Paiman taped “Sulit” (Secret) stickers over 15 of the 30 tables, saying, “This is my commentary on how red tape is often amalan burokrasi melampau (an extreme bureaucratic practice).” However, a few days before the exhibition was to open, Paiman was asked to remove portraits of members of the Council Of Eminent Persons, (formed by PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad soon after the 2018 elections), which formed part of Paiman’s installation. Paiman decided to the keep the portraits in the work, wrapping them up to make explicit the censorship instead.