Zhu Bo Dance Gala 逐波舞蹈大汇演 (1988)


Production Information

  • Production / Presenting Company:Phor Tay Alumni 菩提校友会
  • Artistic Director / Curator / Programme Coordinator:[Programme] 陈志贤 Chen Zhi Xian、林鸿明 Lin Hong Ming
  • Date:28 August 1988
  • Total Showing:1; NB: A total of 15 individual pieces were performed. Below are the dance items.
  • Venue:Dewan Sri Pinang 梹州大会堂
  • State:Kedah

Individual Dance Items

Item #1

  • Title:Long Teng Feng Wu Xi Ying Chun 龙腾凤舞喜迎春
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Spring is everywhere,
    Every heart rejoiced,
    The silk lanterns meet happily,
    And let the dragon and phoenix shine.


  • Choreographer:[Instructor 指导]:李彬铢 Li Bin Zhu
  • Group:

    Phor Tay Students 普中学生

  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #2

  • Title:Huan 欢
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The former childhood friends are now reunited, and after talking about the fun of their childhood, because of a whim, they revert to their childhood mood and play with each other, temporarily leaving the mundane worries behind.


  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #3

  • Title:Xi Yu Feng Guang 西域风光
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The dance reflects that Indian life is exciting and challenging.


  • Category:children dance

Item #4

  • Title:Tuo Huang 拓荒
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Our ancestors, through hardships and hardships, came to this fertile land. They explored, farmed, fished, hunted, weaved, herded, sweated and bled, and braved the hardships to build their homes. The snakes, beasts, natural disasters and man-made disasters would not make them fall, but they were always full of longing and faith in their hearts. One day their country, rich and strong, stable and peaceful, will stand tall before them.


  • Choreographer:陈宝泉 Tan Poh Chuan
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #5

  • Title:Cao 操
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    There are gymnastics in schools, mechanical exercises for adults and military exercises for soldiers. Audience members, have you ever seen dance exercises? Please look at the dance.


  • Choreographer:陈维彬 Chen Wei Bin
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #6

  • Title:Dai Zhai Feng Qing 傣寨风情
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    In the elephant foot drum, hairpin and bell, the Dai people get deep and gentle dance to show their sentimentally attached to their homeland and the local ode.


  • Group:

    Phor Tay Students 普中学生

  • Category:Chinese dance, Chinese Dai ethnic dance

Item #7

  • Title:Zheng Zha 挣扎
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Xiang Linsao, described by Lu Xun, is a woman who grew up under the repression of old-style social customs. Her two involuntarily marriages ended with the tragic death of her husband and the tragic loss of her child. Without sympathy, without support, she lived in the shadow of the Grim. Under people’s scorn, ridicule, rejection, she struggles, he pleads ………… But could she live up to what fate had given her?

    鲁远笔下的祥林嫂是一个生长在旧式社会习俗压制下的女性,两次不由自主的婚姻都以丈夫亡故又痛失亲儿的悲剧结束。没有同情,没有支援,她活在“不祥”的隐影里。在人们的鄙视,嘲弄,排斥下,她挣扎,他祈求………… 可是,她抵得过命运给她的安排吗?

  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #8

  • Title:Ma Lai Wu 马来舞
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    In the happy festival, Malay boys and girls can not help but dance, they are light and beautiful dance steps, enjoy the joy, set off a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.


  • Choreographer:叶锦满 Ye Jin Man
  • Category:Malay Dance

Item #9

  • Title:Xi Shui 戏水
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Riverside banana on the levee willow, independent bridge wind full sleeve; Unique scenery here is good, sunset, green trees, yellow flowers, cold grass. Occasionally the breeze, the wind even drizzle, little ripples after a pool of spring water also clothes tears, unique that seabirds, in the water diffuse dance light.


  • Choreographer:陈维彬 Chen Wei Bin
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #10

  • Title:Xing Jue 醒觉
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The flood is coming! They drown men, they destroy houses and lands, and they worship the river god in fear. They believed the sorcerer’s word and sent a bride to the river god every year, begging him not to let the water rise again. The rich money, bribe the witch god, buy back the life of the daughter of the poor family, have to wait to be chosen as the bride, throw into the river sacrifice! Much suffering, much sacrifice, at last spoke of the awakening of the people, and aroused a revolt.


  • Choreographer:Grace Chew
  • Group:

    Greenapple Ballet Academy 青苹果芭蕾舞学院

  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #11

  • Title:Deng Hui 灯会
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    The lamp brings light and heat, drives away darkness and all evil, ignits itself, and brings enthusiasm and hope to people. This dance presents an auspicious auspicious scene with graceful and light steps. Let’s share the enthusiasm of the dancers together.


  • Choreographer:蔡忠珉 Cai Zhon Min
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #12

  • Title:Jin Shan Cao Lian 金山操练
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    On the training ground, the men are mighty and heroic, and the women are valiant and valiant, all of them practice dance frequently, and the oath is Weiding.


  • Choreographer:陈维彬 Chen Wei Bin
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu

Item #13

  • Title:Mu Min Xin Ge 牧民新歌
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    This dance describes hard-working young men and women of the Mongolian nationality. After work, they dance happily and enjoy each other.


  • Choreographer:[Instructor 指导]:李彬铢 Li Bin Zhu
  • Group:

    Phor Tay Students 普中学生

  • Category:Chinese Mongol folk dance, Mongolian dance

Item #14

  • Title:Ka Men 卡门
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    Carmen is a tragic love story. Reflects the protagonist her enthusiastic and unrestrained mood, sometimes also shows the hidden worries in the heart. Finally because of love and trapped in the whirlpool.


  • Category:contemporary dance

Item #15

  • Title:Zhu Bo 逐波
  • Item Synopsis / Program Notes:

    A group of charming fish, swimming in the water, is so peaceful and free! However, they also have the efforts to strive for the upper reaches in the rapids, struggling for survival under the entanglement blow, this, is not like life? Let the fish strive for the upper reaches enlighten us the meaning of life, let the fish struggle to survive, inspire our love of life!


  • Choreographer:谢庆和 Xie Qing He
  • Category:Hua Zu Wu


  • Lighting Designer:李彬铢、丁爱珍
  • Production Crew:[Decoration 布置:梁昌发、林国金 [Make-up 化妆]:雷杏清 [Backstage 后台]:郭淇彪、郑淑娟 [Program Running 催场]:陈俞君、王莲桂
  • Producer:[Chairperson 大会主席]:吴素玥 [Deputy 副]:岑振爱、尤来顺、黄炎光
  • Publicist:吴凤美、柯碧娟、何淑美
  • Additional Notes:

    Dancer List : 陈志贤、林鸿明、林美清、张月英、林碧清、江艾莲、马嘉仪、胡碧丝、黄秀玉、张伟满、骆素婷、谢玉华、林丽莉、陈美慧、谢振贤、林巧玲、吴春美、吕素莉、许紫玲、谢淑慧、许妙玲、林玉珠、林静怡、金盈盈、徐慧纯、魏剑煜、谢新晶、杨嘉芬、陈宝心、张建利、游永祥、曾福顺、赖昌铭、王泳来、谭健良、邱鼎斐。